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omegastar 2004-10-18 09:13

SEED Destiny d/l sources
Well, Destiny has started. I have seen all SEED and now I'm itching to se this second season, but my university internet is filtered and won't let me get anything via kazaa, emule(just a bit, not at all), or Bittorrent (while the speed is at 100 Mb/sec, ironic, eh? XD):( , so.... does anybody know if there will be any (if ever, reliable) direct download sources? perhaps on HPPhoto?

Thanks :)

srb 2004-10-18 09:16

Does it block DCC via IRC as well?

omegastar 2004-10-18 10:50

Well... I've never been familiar with IRC, so... could you explain a bit, please?

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