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Freakzilla 2003-12-06 17:48

R.O.D. TV OP Question....
I was wondering if anyone knows what the story is with the OP theme for R.O.D. TV......

My understanding was that R.O.D. (Instrumental) on the YKZ album was supposed to be the OP theme, but from listening to it, it sounds much more like a remix, rather than just an extended version of the OP theme. In particular, it doesn't seem to have the organ, and the brass part of it seems more subdued...... it sounds more like it is sort of a remixed version of it, but doesn't seem to have some of the themes and sound of the OP used in the TV series.

If anyone has any other info on this, I'd definitely appreciate it. I was sort of hoping that the R.O.D. (Instrumental) track would sound the same but just be extended, but it doesn't sound to me like that's what it is. I'd really love to get a track that was more specifically matching up to the music in the OP.

Specifically, the climax of the theme seems to be at about 2:17 to 2:30, but it seems to be repeated and then even be "scratched" (like on a turntable)........ and then it goes more into samples, etc. Compare this to the same climax that starts at about 41 seconds in the TV opening (used in the actual anime) that climaxes at 1:53 or so and then stretches through the rest of the OP until about 1:23..... there doesn't seem to be anything that matches up with that in R.O.D. (Instrumental)

Throughout the song, the drumbeats also sound pretty different from in the TV OP...... more pronounced at least.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting they would be identical, but I was expecting to at least hear some of the specific sounds as in the anime's opening.



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