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davvalco 2004-10-20 19:22

Corrupted file
Well I'm downloading Girls Bravo from Lunar (the one with all the episodes) and had problems with the first episode ([Lunar] Girls Bravo - 01v2 [E12B26B6]), so I checked the crc, and were differents so the file is corrupted, so how I can repair it? I alredy made the crt file of the .avi with the zidrav but have to find someone that have the episode :(

NinjaServ 2004-10-20 19:40

you SHOULD be able to open up the torrent of the file and choose to save as the existing file and it will redownload the corrupted spot.

davvalco 2004-10-20 19:59

Well I haven't finish downloading the package but the first epsiode is alredy download and the second one has started to download and the first is the same, I can't play it, and it tells me that the file is corrupted. So what can I do?

NinjaServ 2004-10-20 22:36

you have to wait til the entire thing is COMPLETE before you can watch it, do that FIRST...

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