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pr0ject_2501 2004-10-21 02:27

.ogm and .mkv subtitles
I do not understand how to get subtitles to work on Media Player Classic with .ogm and .mkv files.

Also, how do I run .mkv on Windows Media Player?

Rizzorian 2004-10-21 02:59

I'm also having problems w/ this. I finally got Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ - 02 and 03 to play by DLing the Classic player and FFDshow. but I'm not seeing ne subtitles.

Sorry to bud in on ur post w/ my problem, pr0ject_2501. But this one topic will solve both our probs instead of making a separate topic.

Prince of Chronics 2004-10-21 04:45

You guys should just use VLC as the Media Configuration Guide sticky recommends... with VLC you can just go into the audio menu for different audio channels... or you can go to the video menu and select the appropriate subtitles... VLC will play most files without any other additional codec installations... I use VLC myself for such file types and have never had any problems...

Rizzorian 2004-10-21 04:59

I DLed VLC and tried that, but I still see no subtitles. Do I have to do somehting to show hte subtitles or should they display automatically?

Rizzorian 2004-10-21 05:13


Originally Posted by Prince of Chronics
you can go to the video menu and select the appropriate subtitles

ok, just reread what u posted and did that. I didn't know that ogm files require u to turn the subs on. Ne way, I've got it working now.

Thx Prince.

pr0ject_2501 2004-10-21 18:12

I finally got my Subtitles to work, but I had to download a third media player, VLC. I don't perfer this one but its the first one I found that would play the file and give me the option of showing Subtitles. The audio skips a bit with VLC, maybe it's just the file. Well, I hope it's just the file. :(

kujoe 2004-10-22 01:38

Well, I'm not an expert at this, but anyway...

In order to play .ogm files (w/ subtitles) through MPC, make sure you have these filters registered: (ffdshow isn't really necessary btw.)

Sorry if I won't be providing any links, but these things are very common around the net. I trust you can acquire these on your own.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this setup will allow .mkv playback (since I never bother playing around with those..) but give it a try. Also, make sure you disable MPC's built-in filters. Chances are, you have a bunch of different versions installed in your computer. (You can also search for codec-related problems through Codec Sniper. But be careful!!) Only enable them when you troubleshoot.

Installing too many stuff for playback can also lead to conflicts--so I advise sticking to a minimalist setup. Only install the codecs you'll be using. Right now, I have chosen to use only those filters mentioned above, plus divx 5.10 and xvid 1.0.1--all configured to handle their native stuff. I have yet to encounter any problems.

Ledgem 2004-10-22 20:02

I'll make this simple. Go here:

You're free to look around and get what you specifically need, but I recommend getting the full pack (first one listed, very top of the page). This enables you to play mkvs. For OGMs, get the OGG DFS from here:

The order you install them in doesn't matter. I remembered in the past that MPC was the only media player to play .mkv files; installing the latest Matroska pack, I can play mkvs in Windows Media Player, Winamp, and BSPlayer (my player of choice) with no issues at all.

Just remember that, if you're using dual audio/subtitle tracks, you may need to turn the subtitles on and switch the language. Where to change those settings will depend on the player you're using.

IDentity 2004-10-22 22:08

what do you do after installing that matroska pack? I can't seem to run it...

Ledgem 2004-10-23 19:53

Unless I'm forgetting something, once you install that, that should be it. .mkv files should play in all of your media players. What problem are you experiencing?

Madoka 2004-10-24 16:37

I was able to play Moon Phase 1 - 3.ogms ok, with the subs, as well as the newer .mkv version of ep. 3. vsfilter.dll handles the subtitles in the ogm and mkv files; current version is 2.33b, IIRC. Make sure you have it installed. Also, you will have problems seeking in eps 1 and 2 in the .ogm files if you have the ogm/ogg splitter. Upgrading to the open source .ogm/ogg splitter will solve all problems.

The Matroska pack 1.03 has the mkv splitter, vsfilter, corevorbis, and coreacc filters you may need. However, there is a newer version of the corevorbis decoder than that in the pack. Also, the mkv splitter in the pack does not work with 9x/ME. There is a newer, fixed version of the splitter for those systems.

Note: This is what I needed to play the files. Your experience may vary.

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