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festosis 2004-10-22 21:03

Naisho-TW Bleach-1
Im having trouble playing this in my mplayerc with the latest ffdshow pack. I get playback but its all choppy and slow, it plays fine in my windows media player 10. Any suggestions?

Enragin_Angel 2004-10-23 18:23

I've had others report that mpc doesn't play our bleach very well. It seems mpc doesn't handle 120fps very well... For now, I recommend using mplayer2.exe or mplayer.exe.

meingts 2004-10-23 22:03

Yeah...what you can do though is uncheck mplayerc's built-in AVI splitter, and it should play OK. (Hit O, go to Filters, and uncheck AVI Splitter.) In fact why not just uncheck all the built-in filters....

festosis 2004-10-24 02:19

thanks that worked! what is the purpose of all those fillters if I don't need them checked?

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