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raggy 2003-11-21 16:33

Hajime no Ippo
I wanted to know who has the rights to Hajime no Ippo? Also when is it going to be release? Can anyone fill me in on this, since I could not find any info on this yet (or I am just not trying hard enough)?
Plus are they ever going to make anymore eps. beside the 76 and movies?

method 2003-11-21 16:39

Pioneer now called Genon has the license for HNI. I don't think they have annouced a release date as of yet.

DrWho2002 2003-11-21 16:40

Geneon has the rights to Hajime no Ippo. It was only just recently licensed so it will be awhile before anything for it comes out.

It is unlikely they will make more, but if sales are humongous for the DVD's, then you never know....

luckme10 2003-11-21 21:09

It's scheduled for mid 2004.

starblazer 2003-12-02 18:53

Where can i get Hajime no Ippo DVDs?
Im looking for Hajime no Ippo ep. 1-76 on dvd...
The cheapest site would be appreciated :D


DrWho2002 2003-12-03 03:59

You're outta luck until it appears in stores, the license was only announced a month ago or so. You really shouldn't be looking for bootlegs either.

starblazer 2003-12-03 05:39

Hmm okay.. grr

GHDpro 2003-12-03 09:30

Yep... the answer for now is "time travel 6-12 months in the future"
(or futher if you want the rest of the DVDs)

Of course they are also available in Japan, but very expensive
and without subtitles.

theprophecy247 2003-12-07 01:01

Hajime no ippo
Just finished all of ippo must say it's probably the best i've seen. The character are nicely devolped and the fight scenes are maybe the best. Its action packed from start to finish not many animes can do that. It can make u sad 1 minute and laughing the other sort of like GTO. Anyway i was wondering since its fairly new if anyone knows anything about a season 2

theprophecy247 2003-12-07 01:05

hajime no ippo
Anyone have any hajime no ippo wallpapers

DrWho2002 2003-12-07 04:50

The show has been over for quite some time now. There is no second series (there is the TV movie and the Mashiba vs Kimura OVA). The manga goes on past the end of the anime series.

Also, you should have asked your other question about wallpapers in the same thread...

Nine Devil 2003-12-07 11:59

euhm this anime is old though made in 1992.The fight with Sendo is the best.M-Makunoichi.Sendo-san.then Dempsey Roll in his perfect form was awesome!!!Don't forget Takamura-san!

AnimeFangirl 2003-12-07 20:56

Errr, no, Hajime no Ippo was made in 2000. It's not THAT old.

Nine Devil 2003-12-07 22:15

Hmmm then very hmmm

NenMaster 2003-12-08 19:28

cant agree more, very good series, shame its still not airing ;(

luckme10 2003-12-08 19:36

if you read the manga...they glorify tyson...yeah thats how old ippo is... tyson is ippo's idle...their styles are the same. Peekaboo and supreme dashing fighter with alot of bang in their punches. And they both got picked on when they were little. There are currently 66 volumes of ippo snoopy said the series ended around volume "30/31, and the Kimura/Mashiba OVA is in volumes... I think 33 or 34" read the manga if you want more ippo...much more...*drools at the thought*

Tboz 2003-12-09 09:11

The anime isn't old, but the manga has been ongoing from the late 80's or early 90's till now.

There are alot of references to real boxers. Ippo's Dempsey Roll is really a trademark move belonging to Jack Dempsey, same with many of the moves in the series. They are real technical moves and are used by real boxers. Morikawa-sensei is a super boxing fanatic and I heard he even owns a boxing gym. :D

Rurouni 2003-12-15 08:08

Where do the Hajime No Ippo movie and ova fit in?
Could someone tell me when I should watch the movie and the ova? during or after the series?

Wolfwood2970 2003-12-15 08:30

wow this is a simple answer

the movie starts off after episode 76

OVA starts after the movie

a_nevels666 2003-12-15 10:41


Originally Posted by Wolfwood2970
wow this is a simple answer

the movie starts off after episode 76

OVA starts after the movie

I thought the OVA came before the movie. (in the manga storyline anyway, I know the OVA was released after the movie.)

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