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a_ndy 2004-10-24 23:29

Ragnarok the Animation 23
I'm having a great deal of difficulty playing back Ragnarok the Animation epsiode 23 from Shinsen and Ragnamart. I recently finished off my downloading of the series after watching episodes 1 - 22, and was extremely troubled to find that Episode 23 didn't work on my machine.

Everytime I tried to play it back I got a Windows error message and Media Player crashed. I had no problems with the other episodes (which is just frustrating to have 24 - 26, and not be able to watch 23)... and at first I thought maybe the file hadn't downloaded properly because of my network (I'm on a university network and BitTorrent really crawls... takes days) but I went back home and downloaded the episode twice. While I didn't have the same crashing issue, the video and audio were totally out of sync. I searched the forums but it doesn't seem like anyone has reported any similar problems.

Is the episode just bad, or is there something wrong? Any suggestions?


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