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Gendo 2003-12-07 01:17

I need some Sugestions please.
Hello everyone. I got done downloadin FLCL, witch was one of my favortie animes next to dbz. Anyways i was wondering if anyone can tell me what to download next?

I like anime with a dramatic ending . usally something like FLCL how harako was allways hitting on natou he would refuse until the end something of that sort . Good action and a good story cant anyone help me?

Exclude Naruto cause my friend downlaods it and i watch it with him.

Jn183 2003-12-10 19:23

One word: One Piece
Two word: Full Metal Alchemist

These are the one that you could d/l with load of seed

lighter junkie 2003-12-10 20:25

Dude, if you're really a fan, go out and buy the FLCL DVDs already, you'll get tons of extras with the licensed DVDs.

anyhow, if you go to, A LOT of people who liked FLCL also happened to be very fond of Excel Saga, which is availble on DVDs in its entirety. and if you want free downloads, get Tsukihime, i just watched the prelude, and it looked unlike any other things i've seen so far, stunning.

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