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ky_puppy 2004-10-27 18:14

Fou you in full Blossom
does anyone know where can I find "For you in full Blossom "?????" Vol, 21- End??? :confused:

hooliganj 2004-10-27 18:30

If you have volume 20, you have the most recent one. The series is still running.

Of course, since HanaKimi is licensed, I couldn't tell you even if it was available. Read the rules.

ky_puppy 2004-10-27 19:22

oh, sorry, im just new here since today, but i thought HK has already had Vol.21!

hooliganj 2004-10-27 20:16

You're right, volume 21 is available for sale in Japan. For that matter, it looks like enough chapters have run in Hana to Yume to justify a volume 22. It's still running and still really popular, so I wouldn't expect to see the end of it anytime soon.

And I'm still not allowed to tell you where to get them, unless you're looking to buy the Japanese books, in which case this sticky thread might help you out.

ubb 2004-10-28 18:18

23 should be the last volume.

ky_puppy 2004-10-30 21:50

Thanks :p
Thank You Very Much :p

hooliganj 2004-10-31 01:20


Originally Posted by ubb
23 should be the last volume.

Now there's a piece of news. Of course, I obviously haven't been keeping up all that well, but even so...

Is the story approaching any kind of conclusion? The last volume I read was 17 and it was still business as usual at Ohsaka Gakuen. The series has a lot of good characters and I would hate to see it end Ranma-style, with absolutely nothing resolved.

ubb 2004-10-31 02:39

Soul-society translated chapter 143, 144 will be the last chapter.

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