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FinFangFoom 2003-12-07 06:17

Is Gundam Japans Star Trek?
I was watching GTO and in episode 37 I believe, they have that girl stay in 0080 with those Gundam nerds. It was probably the funniest scene so far in the series with the Gundam fortunes, and it totally reminded me of how Star Trek nerds are portrade in America.

I was wondering is there a hardcore Gundam fanbase much like our trekkies (trekkers?) and if there is, are they perceived in the same way?

method 2003-12-07 13:53

Of course there is a hardcore fan base of Gundam fans. It has been around for 25 years. Now how they are treated is something I don't know. I would guess they are treated a little better than Trekkers.

FinFangFoom 2003-12-07 17:58

I guess what I mean by hardcore fanbase would best be illustrated by the documentry "Trekkies". I don't know a lot about Gundam, but are there Gundam only conventions? Are there people who walk around in their Gundam pilot outfits every day, even to work? Are there grown men who are trying to construct working Gundam technology in their garage? People legally changing there name to character names from the show? People willing to pay hundreds of dollars for glass of water used by a cast member when he was sick?

I don't doubt it's huge popularity in Japan, but does it inspire this level of obsession? I guess I kind of doubt it, but after that scene in GTO I still wonder.

Lancer McCloud 2003-12-07 18:50

I don think it is THAT serious whit the costumes and the thecnology constructioning (allthou it would be interesting if annyone could construct a REAL gundam). Allthou gundam could be described as the star trek of japan because of the series similarities, less by its fans.

method 2003-12-07 18:57

Well a guy did build a 1/3 version of the Hyper Zeta. Outside of that I haven't seen any stories of people running around in gundam uniforms at work.

cf18 2003-12-08 03:27

Yes in many way they are similar. Both are average action sci-fi with long established universes, and each new generation follow the same formula. Both have many rabid fans and many like to argue over their favourate part of the show e.g. UC v.s. SEED or TNG v.s. DS9. While it is very unlikely to see Gundam fans cosplay to work due to Japanese work culture, it is not hard to find such clothings.

But Bandai sure know how to maximize their profit from the Gundam brand with probably the most complete form of merchandizing. For trek fans the DVDs and games are the only trek things you can see in regular stores. For Gundam fans, you can get DVDs, models, cheap toys, collector grade toys, games, special game consoles (red game cube, red GBA SP, gold PS2), comics, art books, CDs, watches, jeans, shoes, phone cards, credit cards, calendars, candy, alarm clock, garbage can and I am sure there are many other things.

Radd 2003-12-09 05:40

For shame! Go watch Otaku no Video right now.

FinFangFoom 2003-12-09 20:40


Originally Posted by Radd
For shame! Go watch Otaku no Video right now.

I had to do a Google search to figure out what this is, but it looks pretty cool. I'll try and see if I can rent it since it looks like it's licensed :( . Thanks!

gummybear 2003-12-09 21:19

hobby cosplay don't happen everyday in Japan unless it's paid work

luckme10 2003-12-10 03:56

Well one thing I admire about star trek is it was like the first interracial tv show. Makes it kindof nice. OH but the main reason why I wanted to post was to respond to gummybear's acronym.
"Because saying that an illegal immigrant doesn't deserve to be paid the same wages as an American because he doesn't belong here in the first place is like saying that a person trapped in a well shouldn't be saved because he shouldn't have been playing around the well in the first place." - Maddox 2003

I think we should replace well with bugzapper... and then it would be perfect

gummybear 2003-12-10 06:08

Hey, I didn't made that statement but read the nov edition of his rant and you will see why I think that is so ture. I am planning of changing my sig soon

ps. hey FinFangFoom, can you change that pic of yours in the sig because when ever I read threads that have your message post in it would make people around me think I am watching gay porn, make it smaller or something

FinFangFoom 2003-12-10 06:39

Better? ;)

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