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Jedi 2004-10-30 05:14

Frustrated by codecs :(
I post this topic because I feel very very frustrated. :sad:

As all of you know "Sailor moon live action" was coded with xvid 1.0 until ep.32.
Starting from ep.33 it was coded in xvid 1.0.1 Qpel format.
Now, could someone explain me the reason of this choice?
And right in the middle of a series! Unbelievable!!!
Was there any need to change codec? I watched ep.1 to 32 and they were perfect: perfect sound, perfect image!
Moreover the "old" format was compatible with my "old" PC and with my brand new DivX stand-alone player.
Now... with the new format my PC plays the files at the *half* of the speed (!!!!!) and my stand-alone player hangs!!!!
Maybe xivd 1.0.1 has some quality improvement (very little in my opinion) but it brings a lot of compatibility troubles!
I cannot change my PC to see only 17 episodes and... so far there are none of stand-alone players which plays Qpel format smoothly.
I succeded in reconvert files in xvid 1.0 after hours and hours of tests since I had to learn how to do it but:
1) it takes 3 hours to reconvert 30 minutes
2) the playback is a bit jerky
3) the reconverted file is *twice* bigger than the original
Sh_t, I say! :mad:

I was suggested to use videolan or ffdshow but: videolan doesn't work well on my PC (I have interlacing issues) and ffdshow seems to have no improving effects.
Again... troubles.

Of course I have asked TV-Nihon the reasons of codec changing but they didn't answer me!
So, the reason of my topic here is because I wonder if someone can give me a logic explaination.
Also... I wonder if someone knows a stand-alone DivX player which can playback smoothly Xvid 1.0.1 Qpel.

AnimeOni 2004-10-30 15:55

Which version of ffdshow do you have? It should be ffdshow-2004-10-12. Try getting the official xvid (

You will need to use another player such as bsplayer or zoomplayer. These are both very lite and can run on many older systems.

why did they change? There were a lot of major bugs for those who encode. there were also some memory leak problems and stuff. check out the xvid ( website for the complete details.

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