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daft27 2004-11-07 14:09

Gakuen Alice
Preview for Gakuen Alice ep1 originally published at:

Keywords: Cute, Shoujo, Magic, Elementary School, Silly

warning - this is being written at 6:30 AM and will probably be edited later

Judging from episode one, Gakuen Alice seems to be for a younger audience. The overuse of various anime expressions (depression, shock, etc) as well as the overly fast pace of progression in this story makes it seem like this series is geared towards people with extremely short attention spans. Just the themes listed alone indicate that this series is probably for children. As comedic and entertaining as this series might be, the sparse moments of seriousness in episode 1 definitely helps break up some of the insanity.

Honestly, my Japanese is pretty terrible so if you just go visit the Gakuen Alice review on Jascii, I'm sure you'll get a more accurate description of what this series is about. All I can pick up is that Hotaru transferred to Mikan's school, Mikan and Hotaru became good friends and then Hotaru left for Gakuen Alice. Hotaru's favorite thing is nanotechnology and apparently of the whole world, she only likes herself. Well... I suppose I picked up more than that but most of the other stuff is probably irrelevant to the plot. Just take a look at the review on Jascii for more info:

One thing I noticed early on was that there are a quite a few sharp lines in this anime, but they seemed to go away pretty fast (by sharp lines, think of Aishiteruze Baby).They do use various blurring techniques to make things as well as some nice lighting techniques at times, so things do look good for Gakuen Alice animation wise. It looks pretty modern by my standards and modern is good in my opinion. (see screenshots) One of the things I don't like about the animation is that there is a lot of 'anime expressions' used. It's silly and works well in the beginning but after a while, you just get tired of it. I hope this doesn't become a trend and appear through the rest of the episodes.

Music & Seiyuus:
Perhaps I'm a bit picky but I don't really think the music used in this series is that good. Perhaps the op is a little bit catchy but aren't they normally catchy? Anyways, some of the voice actors don't really match the age of the characters they play. They sound as if they're closer to high school and older than elementary school. It doesn't bother me too much since sometimes some child-like voices that voice actors use can get annoying. Mikan is played by Ueda Kana, the voice actor for Yuki in Maria-sama ga Miteru, and Hotaru is played by Kugimiya Rie, the voice actor for Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist. I find it interesting how the voice actor for Hinata Natsume, a character from Gakuen Alice, is actually Paku Romi who voiced Edward Elric (another FMA character).

Other notables are:
Reo, voiced by Suzumura Ken’ichi. Also voiced Shin from Macross Zero, Kazuto from UFO Valkyrie Princess and Shiki from Shingetsutan Tsukihime.
Shoda Sumire, voiced by Saito Chiwa. Also voiced Izumi Neneko from DearS, Kojima Kirie from Girls Bravo, and Komachi from Samurai 7.

... there are more notable voice actors but perhaps I'll add them in some other time.

If you have time to spare and you want something silly, then I guess I could recommend this series as something to watch. However, I do think that there are better things this season to watch that have some of the elements and themes of this anime.

Screen caps

Yamano667 2004-11-07 17:04

Thanks for the info :D

AndrewLB 2004-11-07 17:35

The first ep, despite my initial misgivings (the cheerleading part), was funny as hell, despite my not really getting a few of the jokes.

For the record, Drago is going to be working on a fansub for it, and I'd suggest you wait for his. Not sure which group he's doing it with though.
Check there, might be listed.
(Be sure to visit the other fantastic parts of when you're done looking at drago!)

kj1980 2004-11-07 18:01


Originally Posted by daft27
Mikan is played by Ueda Kana, the voice actor for Yuki in Maria-sama ga Miteru

Fukuzawa Yu[u]ki was played by Ichiki Mitsuhiro.
Ueda Kana played the role of Fukuzawa Yumi.

^danshi^ 2004-11-07 19:28

The first episode of this was the cutest thing I've seen in a long while, and without understanding much japanese, it made me laugh quite hard, especially when Mikan took the teacher for a woman (or did I get it wrong? ^^'). The interaction between Mikan and Hotaru was just priceless, just like the faces:

hatori 2004-11-10 02:19


Originally Posted by AndrewLB
For the record, Drago is going to be working on a fansub for it, and I'd suggest you wait for his. Not sure which group he's doing it with though.

Thanks for the good news! I was afraid no group would pick this up and I'll have to watch the raws and comprehend only 1% of what's going on.

Hoshino Hikari 2004-11-11 17:55

Alice Gakuen
I'm really looking forward to this series, it looks so cute!! <3

Anybody eles intrested? ^^

Hoshino Hikari 2004-11-11 18:05

..oh darn it. =\
Of course somebody beat me to posting.. T__T;; *le sigh*

Why is it under General Anime?

NoSanninWa 2004-11-11 18:24


Originally Posted by Hoshino Hikari
..oh darn it. =\
Of course somebody beat me to posting.. T__T;; *le sigh*

Why is it under General Anime?

Because it has not yet been Fansubbed. If it isn't on AnimeSuki it isn't in Fansubs. If it isn't licensed, it isn't in DVD&Licensed. That only leaves General Anime.

AndrewLB 2004-11-11 18:30

The show's funny as hell, even with the small amount I understood.

Anyway, except for the first few seconds, which freak me out, it's awesome. Just, ya know, I'm forgetting all my Japanese thanks to not being in class, no practice, and learning (not very well) Mandarin. Christ, I was sitting in class and couldn't remember the damn kanji for "kimi." THAT'S how bad it's gotten.

Actually, I JUST remembered what the character was without looking it up, so that's good. It only took me two hours...

Dragosmore 2004-11-11 18:59

I'm doing it with Naisho, please be patient. lots of onscreens in ep1 that typesetter has to typeset :o

Dragosmore 2004-11-17 08:40

Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)
Well, episode 1 out is finally fansubbed. Meet Mikan and Hotaru, two friends in elementary school, but Hotaru is moving away! >:( But she's a genius inventor, so the government wants her because she has an "Alice". But what kind of place will be taken to? Well, you'll find out soon enough after watching ;) They always did everything together ever since they met and joined together in a beautiful girl singing contest where the grand prize was a 10,000 yen meal ticket! (Yes, money is a good thing. "The world revolves around money, you know.") It's a pretty good new school comedy, not like azu and not like school rumble, since the characters are much more young, and there's actually real deep good plot to it. It's a great serious and I think everyone would like it, from those rabid mecha fans to the bunny-loving scary otaku fans.

bluemist 2004-11-17 09:03

umm... where?

Dragosmore 2004-11-17 09:04

#naisho-fansubs @

and torrent is at: rrent

bluemist 2004-11-17 09:12

Thanks! (it wasn't listed in Animesuki yet so I asked, sorry)

Anyway I look forward to seeing this, it looks quite like Kodocha... I thought it was another series from Ribon magazine but I guessed wrong, it's actually from Hana to Yume.

suguru 2004-11-17 15:29

Just watched episode 1--awesome so far, thanks to Dragosome and Naisho for subbing this, this made my morning :)

It reminds me a lot of Kodocha so far (although the animation quality is better) with hyper Mikan and deadpan Hotaru reminding me of ultra-hyper Sana-chan and deadpan Hayama. The interaction between Mikan and Hotaru is hilarious so far, can't wait to see more of the cast in the next episode.

One thing that seems a little out of place though:

Timeless Enigma 2004-11-17 15:31

This anime is looking good so far. I'm adding this to my Autumn "to watch" list.

zalas 2004-11-17 15:35

All I have to say is that if anyone decides to cosplay Mikan's cheerleading, I'll be very very scared... (but Drago will probably be happy :heh: )

BonBon 2004-11-17 19:29

Naisho - thank you. It may be the timing (respite from a great episode of Monster), but this was the perfect thing for me this evening! Something cute, funny, a tad surreal but also intriguing. I shall definitely be sticking with this series.

Mostly because Mikan is so, so adorable! Looking like the bizarre genetic melding of Azumanga Daioh's Chiyo-chan and Maria-sama ga Miteru's Yumi (even with the same seiyuu), with a bit of the personality of Shinobuden or that School Rumble girl thrown into the mix, she really appealed to me. Bless!

For a maho shoujo anime, there seem to be lots of shonen elements, though. Just how I like it!

Definitely seems to be the comedy anime of the season so far.


Fronzel 2004-11-18 00:49

It creeped me out when Mikan was almost kidnapped. I need to lighten up.

It'd be impressive if the series went with the "the Alice Academy is a prision" idea in a serious manner, but somehow I don't think the series has it in itself to do it. That boy who blew up the wall is probably just a punk or is homesick or something.

I'm not expecting a lot from this one.

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