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run2fast 2004-11-09 17:47

gundam seed destiny problems
Hi i checked a few older posts but didnt really find something that helped me =/
well my problem is that i cant play the versions from [SEED-Fansubs] or [A-Kingdom_-_AonE] it opens the player then the first pic freezes but the sound goes on ...although i can watch the [AnimeSannins] without a problem

any idea what i could do =S

i have win mediaplayer 10 and the errr tsunami codec pack
and yes i already reinstalled the codecs and player but didnt help :(

Ledgem 2004-11-09 22:19

Reinstalled the codecs... do you mean you uninstalled and reinstalled the same codec pack?

First things first: make sure the episode you downloaded is not corrupt in any way. Check the CRC32 value against the tagged value, or just run it through BitTorrent again and make sure it's 100% completed.

Beyond the possibility of corruption, it does sound like a codec error. I don't think many people here are fans of codec packs, and with good reason - it makes it more difficult to determine what version of what codec you have. I recommend uninstalling all codecs and just installing the latest XviD. I've yet to encounter a DivX video that the latest XviD can't handle, but the reverse does not hold true, and unfortunately DivX also seems to force itself on XviD-encoded videos (though your issue doesn't sound like that is happening).

Addendum: I see you're also using WMP. I'd recommend switching media players as well. The most popular choice you'll see recommended here is Media Player Classic. Personally, I use BSPlayer, and even more recently I've simply been using WinAMP (for Equalizer + ENHANCER sound improvements). If the file isn't corrupted, then WMP may just be having problems with a frame. I've had it happen in other episodes; just tap the progress bar slightly beyond the stuck point, and it plays fine.

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