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Scrumhalf 2004-11-11 04:32

November Animedia FMA picture.
Christmas. :)

j1m0ne 2004-11-11 05:22

WTF have they done to Al? :heh: Somehow Riza here looks like the blonde one in Noir, her name escapes Mireille?

wao 2004-11-11 05:42

I find Roy highly amusing.

And ooh, it's Riza with her hair down. She really doesn't have a lot of it though.

EDIT: And Scrumhalf, your avatar is........... *screams*

(Still, nothing beats this)

7thMethuselah 2004-11-11 06:26

Lol, Al is hilarious not to mention Edward :D , if someone has more of these great pics post them please :)

Scrumhalf 2004-11-14 06:42

Mag version

haunterex 2004-11-14 13:21

isnt ed supposed to be shorter than winry?! XD

Komataguri 2004-11-14 15:00

They should have made Ed an Elf, to go along with his smaller then a bean, shorty short short stature

wao 2004-11-14 19:43

Aw man... that so is cheating, using different clothes but same people.

Admittedly I think Riza looks better with the purple dress. But Roy still looks so fscking hilarious with a white moustache...

And you're right, Ed should be shorter than Winry but I suppose either he's standing on something or the artist forgot and drew it the way he wanted it to be? At least Ed's not taller than Winry... well, not a lot. No, that stupid hair sticking out doesn't count.

sakura_wingz 2004-11-14 20:54

winry's bending so that would make her shorter from our point of view

Leo_Otaku 2004-11-15 20:47

I think it is very cute ^_^" look Ed has Winry for a date ^-^

state_alchemist 2004-11-16 03:37

No Maes Hughes!!!!! What!! That's blasphemy!! J/k, it's a good christmas pic.

crazyXsunshine 2004-11-18 21:00


Originally Posted by state_alchemist
No Maes Hughes!!!!! What!! That's blasphemy!! J/k, it's a good christmas pic.

i know
no big pics of hughes anywhere.

but such a cool pic.

jonli 2004-11-19 07:34

Is that what I think it is in your avatar? Scrumhalf...?

neoko 2004-11-21 19:40

You find a lot of these pictures in the manga in between chapters. Dang those people can draw gewd.

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