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Shift_ 2004-11-12 20:53

Awsome Nintendo DS commerical/flash thing...+ more :)
Here's the flash/commerical thing (it's a little large..)

and some random news on it's wireless network and what not

I want one :) (and a PSP ofcourse :D)

mantidor 2004-11-12 21:35

I think Ive already watched the first one (still downloading >_<! ) the sega game seems so bizarre XD I cant wait to try it. And Mario DS looks great too. The funniest advertisment is the videos of people trying the DS, they are like, "whats that?" and then they start laughing like little boys and girls :heh: the videos are here: search trough the flying doublescreens for the "my first touch" section.

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