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seras-v 2004-11-15 10:58

FMA card game?
i bought this real cool FMA trading card game recently... its called alchemic card battle and its only in japanese... im having trouble finding translated rules... anyone know any sites?

Ombrenuit 2004-11-26 10:35

No more card games!!! Please! Japan, you have to stop it!!

janmurphy 2004-11-26 21:47

omg there certainly ARE alot of card games. Im sorry I dont know the rules, but I have a few of these cards too. They are really neat. I scanned mine so I can make cosplay cards out of them.
The hiragana is on the kanji, so you could try translating them. Knowing what the cards do helps right?

slayer 2004-11-26 22:08

no more card addictions.. its enough that pokemon and yugioh came out

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