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luffy 2004-11-15 19:10

Medal of Honor sreies
happy 'late' rememberence day. (to who it may cocerne)
I love shooting games and the medal of honor games a awsome, but there are so manny of them, could some one give me a list of the titles and/or the year it was realesed (or jst the order they were realesed in), also there on all the systems (or at leats the good ones are so which platform it is on doesnt matter.)


Yuiichi 2004-11-15 19:35

Here's a list i found, didn't get years, sorry about that.

Medal of Honor shortend to MOH.

MOH: Underground
MOH: Infiltrator

MOH: Dogs of War
MOH: Frontline
MOH: Rising Sun

MOH: Pacific Assault
MOH: Allied Assault
MOH: Allied Assault Breakthrough
MOH: Allied Assault Platinum Edition
MOH: Allied Assault Spearhead

MOH: Underground

MOH: Fighter Commander (game was canceled)
MOH: Dogs of War
MOH: Frontline
MOH: Rising Sun

MOH: Dogs of War
MOH: Frontline
MOH: Rising Sun

In the making - PS3:
MOH [nex-gen project]

Hope this is what you wanted.

Also, sites like and have a search feature that is great for stuff like this. Remember this the next time you have a question like this one in the future.

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