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Crowley 2004-11-16 22:35

Episode 30 - A Certain Decision
Things are coming together. :D

Ed Elric 2004-11-17 01:18

I hate when they end episodes like that >< >< >< But yet again another awesome episode!! Can't wait for more =)

Sugetsu 2004-11-17 01:23


Excellent!! Wonderful!!! A Master piece!!! From this day on I declare anyone who don't want to watch Monster a Loser for life!!!

I can't believe that people skip this show thinking that it is boring!!! Omg they are so wrong...

Oh yeah and with this episode Monster have jumped to #7 in my top 10 anime of all time... Scrapped princes, Hikaru no Go, and Lain can go to hell :D

My updated list :

1 Saint Seiya.

2. Bersek.

3. Future boy conan/Cow boy beep pop

4. Rose of versailles/ Yu Yu hakusho

5. Hunter X Hunter/ Naruto

6. CAndy Candy.

7. Monster

8. Scrapped princess .

9. Lain.

10. Hikaru No Go.

Oh ya and this anime is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar superior to FMA! If you don't agree with me you are wrong!!11


audiophile 2004-11-17 01:33

this show is a masterpiece in progress. It beats Scrapped Princess by a LOT now.

people are seriously missing out.

mika163 2004-11-17 03:06

you guys are fast! i have only just realised that kraze had come out with ep 30

Crowley 2004-11-17 03:28

Well, I made the thread as part of the process of releasing the episode. After that it's just a matter of seing this section, the baka updates release page, Tokyo Toshokan or the kraze website/irc channel. :)

Ri_ 2004-11-17 04:09

How does the episode end? Not sure whether I should download, as I unfortunately have a download limit at home.

Trax 2004-11-17 09:05

Why wouldn't you want to download this? Anyway, it ends like this:

Spoiler for ep30 ending:

General episode discussion:

Spoiler for ep30:

BonBon 2004-11-17 09:14

Reichwein kicking some punk booty. Now that I would pay good money to see!

He's suddenly become one of my favourite characters, and I am delighted that Tenma is back. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Scrapped Princess is too different a show to compare with this. I love both, for very different reasons. I can't compare across genres at all!


Ri_ 2004-11-17 09:37


Originally Posted by Trax
Why wouldn't you want to download this? Anyway, it ends like this:

Because I got a download limit and therefore only want to get the ones with my very favorite scenes. Though I would love to see Reichwein beating someone up in color, hmm. Thanks for the info!

Trax 2004-11-17 09:38

Shame, you will still miss alot if you watch this in gaps. I got a download limit too, but that's 40 Gb. Besides even if I manage to download that much in a month, I believe my isp usage tracker isn't working so no holds barred! :cool:

Ri_ 2004-11-17 09:40


Originally Posted by Trax
Shame, you will still miss alot if you watch this in gaps. ;)

Well, I did read this part in the manga already. ;) Never would I dream of following this story in gaps!

Trax 2004-11-17 09:48

Ah, soka... Well bug someone to dl the missing episodes anyway. :P

Griffith 2004-11-17 14:42

Reichwein kicking those thugs' asses was priceless. I can't wait for the next episode. :)

Xinil 2004-11-17 22:36

This episode was absolutely awesome. Tenma is back, and he's back with a bang! Woohoo!

ChainLegacy 2004-11-17 23:29

Was that Roberto or a look alike? I couldn't really tell.

Anyways, I'm finding that with each episode I have a new favorite ep.. This arc has been absolutely spectacular. I really love how it all comes into full circle, too. Reichwein is the most badass fat old guy on any show I've ever watched, lol. The second "Hesse" reported over the monitor thing I knew he was the murderer. That was a cool little twist.

FireBorn 2004-11-17 23:51

Again.. another killer episode. This arc is great.

mika163 2004-11-18 08:12

just finished watching. i was like " oh no! not him too!" boy, was i relieved when help came from an unexpected source. anyone who knows too much or starts investigating always gets written out of the script.

grfd567 2004-11-18 21:39

Well its my first time here (i know: where have you been?!!) and i was happy and amazed to see that there are actually people out there who enjoy MONSTER as much as, if not more, than i do :) Since most of the people I know seem to think this is a boring series or that its just an OK series....which I think is not true...This seires, for me, is amazing in many many ways.
Anyways...I'm very excited to see how this series is developing and I really liked this episode. Specially because Tenma is back!! :bow:

Bakuretsu-kun 2004-11-24 10:24

my eyes lit up when Tenma came back, he's such a focal point to the series it pains me to only see him once every few episodes :( the end of this episode is probably the more intense moments in the series so far, I'm dying to get the next ep m(_ _)m

I wish there was a bit more on Nina too =/ but I'm sure they will all come together at one point.

grfd567, I feel the same way too, it seems like Monster just isn't as well known or as praised as it should be. this anime needs more hype! ;)

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