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Leave A Path Id 2004-11-30 00:18

The World Map/SIZE *spoilers*
In the final episodes, Hohenheim is telling Ed how the world on the other side of the gate (our world) is pretty much identical to their own, right down to each individual having an alter-ego.

My question is, is the world's actual geography the same? It never seemed to take Ed and Al long to go anywhere. Hell, their entire journey after Lior took only a year. Central's military seems to be the defining force in the region, with only the Northern rebels plaguing them later in the series. No other foreign powers are mentioned.

So, any answers? I haven't read the manga, maybe there is an answer there?

jpwong 2004-11-30 00:52

I believe that they show the map of the area in FMA in a couple of different episodes. It might be the same, but it would have to be a different area of the world (Britain if I recall, does not have large tracks of desert).

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