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Leave A Path Id 2004-12-01 20:05

FMA Manga Chapter 8 page 11 *spoilers*
It's probably old news, but Lust is reading from a newspaper on the train that states "British Commander Murder".

How is that possible? She has access to the other side of the gate?

haunterex 2004-12-02 22:15

here's what i think...
It's just random text that has no meaning, since the producers didnt anticipate any japanese to pay attention to the small english text in the background, AND understand it.

AnimeFangirl 2004-12-03 00:05

The real reason is that all this "gate" nonsense is stuff the anime introduced. The anime does some really different things from the manga, for example the gate concept hasn't even cropped up yet and possibly never will. So don't try too hard to compare the two, just enjoy the alternate versions if you can.

Kai_Svenson 2004-12-03 01:59

There are several reasons for this.

1: Ones listed abover, random text that meant to make sense.
2: The author knew how the anime would go, and just added that in for allusion.
3: The gate concept was originally planned by the manga author, and Bones was told about it. Lust just happens to have a subscription with a really well traveled paper boy.

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