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evil-samurai 2004-12-06 21:04

Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Akari and Ryou?? , good ending??
I first review this anime after ep.7 and I loved it ^^ gave it 9/10, but towards the end it goes way down hill >.>

On the good side, the animation is great it has a nice the opening & ending theme and very plesent music to :)
Though there were a few bad points >.> The ending very dissapointing, it seems like a crappy way to end the show to have hikari just disapear into space O.O; and turned in a star O.o after they had good/interesting character development for them.

Even there are alot of annoying things. I did like the story but the ending and a few events did really put this anime down >.>

Well what did everyone else think about the ending? Crap? Good? Expected?

The Akari and Ryou relationdhip was a bit over the place (imo) >.> Ryou went to kiss her then she goes they are 'family' and then he just smile and waves good bye. There relationship wasn't played out very well >.>

onizukaPwns 2004-12-07 23:18

I personally thought this anime deserves a 6/10

but if you took out the great graphics and smoothness, then it would get a 3/10.

Although this anime was well thought out, and had a nice story, the plot movement was too slow. The relationship between Akari and Ryou wasn't too bothersome to me, and i thought that their brother sister relation was a lot better than Takaru's relation with Hikari.

I just find this anime a shame right now. I mean, come on! high quality animation, well thought out apocalyptic storyline, and two hot chicks. How the HECK did they screw this one up? Those two happy little filler episodes, although they had a purpose in the anime, were just... stupid? although they were supposed to be used to identify and who hikari was, i thought it was a bad way to do it. These people just don't know howto develope character and MOVE THE PLOT FORWARD at teh SAME TIME!

I have little objection to the ending though. It could have been a happy one, with Hikari living a none-lonely normal life, but that wouldn't have fit the mood of the anime.

Anyways, like i said, this anime is a shame, since it could have probably been a lot better. It just fails in comparison to a lot of other better anime out there.

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