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mikeon 2004-12-10 01:57

Do you belive that video games cause youth violence?
Writing this for my research paper. One of my sources I need is a primary source meaning something I find out on my own, either interviews or by polling. So therefore this poll!

I'm suppose to be as unbiased as possible and give both sides of the debate.
So far there have been no study, or research that prooves video games cause violence, but apparently it correlates. Meaning it's not the cause of violence, but is found related to video games.

In a book called Killing monsters: why children need fantasy, super heros, and make-believe violence, Gerard Jones, he said that in a study where two groups of children watched tv, one group watched mr rogers neighborhood, the other power rangers, both groups displayed the same ammount of activity and excitement after watching said shows, but after a while their energy returned to normal. What is learned is that media entertainment does have a short term affect of making people excited, but that the effect would soon wear off. Meaning that maybe there is no long term effect.

bleh i'm just pulling stuff out of my memory since it's finals week right now and i havn't slept in a day and a half now. In fact planning to pull an all nighter on this paper and then study for an exam so it'll be two days of no sleep :sad:

Gaara. 2004-12-10 02:25

No, Games dont cause violence. People do.

ramune 2004-12-10 02:27

lol I'm also writing my paper right now on this topic.

Just to help you, I voted no, and that will be how I write mine.

Thany 2004-12-10 02:28

I don't think so.
Usually, it's just some moralists' parents opinion about video game being dangerous.
But most violent children don't play video games, they just stay out too much and don't have enough attention from their parents (in term of education!).

mikeon 2004-12-10 02:34

yea i wanted to be biased while write this and prove that video games did not cause people to go violent. But teacher told me I had to give both sides of hte argument and use the data i've collected to form a conclusion at the end :-\ well I got 8 hours until it's do

EDIT: ramune, just realized we both live in san francisco :eek: I go to SF State

ShadowX114 2004-12-10 02:37

wow I'm the first one to vote for yes. Actually my answer is dependes on how mature is the guy/girl. But the reason why I voted yes is because there are some people who got influenced by games. I like to kill people, make them suffer and seeing their blood coming out of their bodies when I play games but I'm REALLY against violence in real life....weird huh. So games does not affect me...a 17 years old guy. But on the hand, my cousin, who is also 17 he is somehow infuensed by games. Firstly, after the game Splinter Cell came out, he became a huge fan of this game. Then, he started to make one of the moves that are present on the game, on us(his friends). The move is when the hero of the game come on the back of a person and hold his neck so he could not do anything. Also, because of Rainbow Six, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell, Black Hawk Down(the movie) and many other war/swat games, he is really serious about getting a member of the SWAT team. And he is discussing a lot about it with his parents cuz they dont want him to be a SWAT or even an FBI(cuz he has to be an FBI for a couple of years to become a SWAT). And before he wanted to be a SWAT member, he wanted to be a soldier going to wars but when his parents said a BIG NO, he started to think about the swat thing. So you can see how much he is serious about it. And all that is because of the games he plays. Oh and did I mention that he is a bit more violent than before? He hurt one of our friends twice while my friend was playing with him. The first time, our friend tried to wrestle with my cousin, then my cousin took a cylindrical baton that he earned from his kung fu course and he started to knock it on our friend's head to the point that he was going to put it in his eye(thats the reason why the wresling stopped cuz our friend started yelling at my cousin that he is crazy and because of that reason , they haven't talked for 2 weeks which is somehow a lot cuz they were best friends at that time). The second time, with the same friend, they were also playing, when my cousin took one of our friend's fingers and tried to crack it up. I know my cousin wanted to show him that he is able to protect himself but he went too far with the cracking.
so yes, games do affect youth who are not mature enough to compare real world with video games. But it also doesn't affect youth who can compare them(me :) ).

Kamui4356 2004-12-10 04:04

Personally I don't believe violent video games in themselves cause violent behavior in children. However, when a child is not taught the difference between right and wrong, largelyignored by his or her parents, and in general raised poorly, such a game can then have an influence. In short, it's not the game, but poor parental guidence that causes violent behavior in kids. Of course that would be admitting we are a society wiht many incompetant people who have no business raising children, so the most convient scapegoat is found. In this case violent video games.

mikeon 2004-12-10 04:13

it's the same with past forms of media entertainment too. Video games are more widespread and are a relatively new medium compared to movies, books, telivision, music etc. If you look back in history, you will see that everytime a new form of entertainment comes out it's all "OHS NOES OUR KIDS ARE GONNA BE BAD!!! BANN!!!" And it's from the older generation even if they had the same thing happen to them. I think it's because the new forms of entertainment is differnt from what a person of an older generation is used to. It is differnt and they don't know what to make of it. I bet many of us will become like that too as we age and the younger generation do things differntly.

I forgot where I read it from but when it became cheaper to and afford books, there was a surge in writers. Low income people could now afford to buy books, and actually read, this scared the the rich and said all the new writers were working with the devil to spread it's evil message through books. :twitch:

Sanjuronord 2004-12-10 04:38

It's largely used as a scapegoat, but violence in games can cause violence in children. Good parenting can counter that, and should counter that cause they'll just immitate something else if they hadn't played the violent games anyways.

Only research I ever heard about on the subject was one where they had one group of kids play a violent game for a few hours and another group play a non-violent game. Afterwards they would have the kids take a "test" of sorts where they could press one button to "help" another kid in a game or press another button to "hurt" the kid in the game. So anyways the violent game kids pressed the hurt button more than the non-violent game kids. Problem of course is that they associated violence or "hurting" the kid in the game as meaning something in the real world...

Dhomochevsky 2004-12-10 04:48

You have to differentiate the kind of violence here.
If you mean "going berserk and kill everyone in an amok shootout"-violence, my answer is definatly NO. No human could possibly come from a video game to being a massmurderer just by playing that game.

BUT if you mean minor violence, like being slightly more aggressive and cruel to others, school yard violence for example, thats another thing. I had plent opportunity
to observe my 2 little cousins' reaction on violent pc games (like Counterstrike, Battlefield.... mortal kombat :| ). They tend to get all hyper after playing it, testing moves on each other and are also very impressed by the bloodshet in those games.

Komataguri 2004-12-10 09:41

There was Violence before there was even Electricity.

If Anything, Video Games sedate violence.


Because Video Games are a perfectly acceptable outlet to vent your anger and frustations into.

I know, ever since I was a kid, If I got really pissed off, and I couldn't use the weight sets, I would sit down infront of a good game like the original DOOM and just blast the demon hordes until I had the rage out of my system.

Of course, in this time, God mode was a must :D

method 2004-12-10 11:25

I would agree with Dhomochevsy on his points. Children say younger than 10 would be more likely to act out the fantasies they see whether it be violence or anything else. At that age they are not able to separate fantasy from reality due to their ages and experiences. As they grow up, the easier it is for that person to separate real from imaginary.

mantidor 2004-12-10 11:29

congrats to your teacher, an argument is always more valid if you try to look at things objectively and try to know what both sides have to say. Although I really doubt that you can get many people who think that violence in games is a direct cause of real violence (like the columbine case) in this forum, its an anime forum afterall ^^

I think that violence in video games does not cause violent behaviour in children, if any it only enhances it, and imo the kid was violent to begin with, the game just gave him ideas. What violence in video games do is imo as bad as making kids go violent and this is that it desensitized children towards violence, and now is even worst than before since we are getting very real life-like violence.

Games like Doom or similar games in the past had a sort of cartoony violence thanks in part that graphics werent very realistic, but with games like HalfLife or Doom 3 we are getting pretty realistic desciptions of someone's death, and children are getting used to see this. Its like in the future we'll see someone's head blow out in little pieces in the news and no one would be chocked... a creepy thing indeed.

Another problem is that games seem to be not as controled as movies, even with the ESRB ratings Im pretty sure that the mayority of people who play games like GTA or Halo are underaged.

dreamless 2004-12-10 12:12

I agree with the age rating problem, but I think it's as much about games as about movies and things. kids nowadays can just go online and get whatever game and movie as they want. They can get porns as long as they click "I'm over 18" or things... what we need is to enforce the age rating system more effectively, and teach the parents to be more responsible for their kids.

As for the relation between violent games and violent people, I don't think violence in games can cause people to become more violent, it's the other way around, that violent people are more likely to like violent games. However that does not mean for people to play violent games they are more likely to be violent. Also it's the same with violent movies, novels, etc. etc. For example, in a community with 200 people, 10 of them are violent, 190 of them are non-violent, then out of the 10 violent people, 9 likes violent games/movies, while 90 out of the 190 non-violent people likes violent games/movies. So if someday a violent person goes bonkers and start a killing spree, he'll most likely be found to like violent games/movies, because in this community 90% of violent people like violent games/movies. However for the 99 people who like violent games/movies, more than 90% of them are non-violent. That's basically my view on this matter. Violent people are more likely to like violent games/movies/whatever, but for someone who likes violent games/movies/whatever, he's not likely a violent person. And games/movies/whatever will not make a non-violent person violent.

And I actually think it's a good thing for violent people to like violent games/movies, so they can vent off their angers and things, thus less likely to go bonkers.

My two cents anyway... and it need not apply to young children, I think it's definitely not a good thing for a ten year old to play Vice City or Postal or watch porns and things...

mikeon 2004-12-10 12:34

just found something when i was reading the Surgeon Generals 2001 report on youth violence.

The ones who are most affected by media violence and most likly to exhibit violent behavior are "being male, physical aggression, low family socioeconomic status or poverty and antisocial parents… weak ties to conventional peers, ties to antisocial or delinquent peers, belonging to a gang, and involvement in other criminal acts"
"factors that appear to influence the effects of media violence on aggressive or violent behavior include characteristics of the viewer (such as age, intelligence, aggressiveness, and whether the child perceives the media as realistic and identifies with aggressive characters) and his or her social environment (for example, parental influences)"

it's saying that those who are already predisposed to be violent and those who have a hard time telling the difference between reality and fantasy (IE Children) would be the ones affected.

Shay 2004-12-10 13:11

I think it does.

The first time saw wrestling I went out and clothes lined someone.

The first time I played Street Fighter I went out and beat the shit out of some kid.

The first time I played Tekken the same thing happened.

Tis also a good thing though, the first time I played paper boy I went out and got a paper round. :)

Edit: About the wrestling, me and my best friend at the time used to pretend that we were the Legion of doom and we used to do that move?(Can't remember the name) my friend would go between their legs and lift them up onto his shoulders and then I would clothes line them off. LOL! That was cool.

OutPhase 2004-12-10 14:52

Video games do not encourage violence. If anything it's TV that does that. If mothers don't want their children watching Power Rangers, then why the hell do they say "Sure, you can watch that R-Rated Movie." or "The illegally bought snuff film is right next to Jungle Book, Billy. You and your little friends can watch it"? Just what the hell is wrong with these parents? If anything video games should be the last thing to think about when the media encourages violence. If people didn't want violence in the world, then they wouldn't have created guns and illegal gambling for monkey knife-fights and cock-fights.

Video games look more realistic, but a movies CG is so amazing it looks like it actually happened and they use real actors. For example:

A person nailed himself to the wall after seeing the movie The Passion of the Christ. He only got one of his hands and he didn't know what to do next so he called the police to get him down.

Spoiler for just going no and on......:

mantidor 2004-12-10 15:07


Originally Posted by Razer_2mb
Video games look more realistic, but a movies CG is so amazing it looks like it actually happened and they use real actors. For example:

But the difference is that in video games you are the one doing the violence. Movies, as disturbing as they can be (like the famous executions in Irak), still have a passive role. In a game you are the one blowing people off and running over prostitutes.

People certainly need a mature aproach when playing these games, and I really dont think that your average 12 years old kid has it. Not even 18 year old people seem mature enough imo.

Shay 2004-12-10 15:13


Originally Posted by mantidor
But the difference is that in video games you are the one doing the violence. Movies, as disturbing as they can be (like the famous executions in Irak), still have a passive role. In a game you are the one blowing people off and running over prostitutes.

People certainly need a mature aproach when playing these games, and I really dont think that your average 12 years old kid has it. Not even 18 year old people seem mature enough imo.

That's true because I was acting out Tekken moves up until I left high school. It was only till I left school when I actually matured.

STfan 2004-12-10 16:42


Originally Posted by Komataguri
Because Video Games are a perfectly acceptable outlet to vent your anger and frustations into.

Except that there is no evidence that "venting out anger" does anything to keep one's anger down, and there is some evidence that it does the opposite.

Research in psychology debunks many common misconceptions.

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