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Elat 2004-12-12 19:25

Couldn't Neji use Rasengan?!
I mean he has awesome chakra control and can make it come out of anywhere on his body, which is perfect for Rasengan...

London Stud 2004-12-12 19:27

with enough teaching, practice and dedication. i think anyone can use rasengan

MigitAs 2004-12-12 19:39

pff fa, he probly could learn it, but not as fast as naruto :) and maybe he wouldn't want to use it even. :confused:

Zek 2004-12-12 19:46

This has been discussed before. First off, it's not so much that Neji has perfect chakra control. He's just able to emit it from anywhere in his body, which doesn't help at all with the Rasengan. On top of that, the Rasengan really isn't just typical chakra control; just because Naruto can do it doesn't mean his control is now better than, say, Sakura. I think the chakra rotation of the Rasengan is more or less unique, and that knowledge isn't really applicable to other techniques, or vice versa. Rotating the chakra and retaining it like that is a special trick that doesn't necessarily help with general chakra control, and as such isn't necessarily made easier by exceptional chakra control. It also takes a great deal of power, which someone like Sakura couldn't possibly muster.

I think Neji could potentially learn it just as well as Naruto, but it would take him MUCH longer to do so because he wouldn't be able to train nearly as much in a short period of time as Naruto can(and he doesn't have Kage Bunshin to perform a "training wheels" version).

lotus_lee 2004-12-12 19:52

Neji could probably learn it but probably not as fast as Naruto. Also, Naruto can try it out many more times than Neji because he has extra chakra to use.

Srin Tuar 2004-12-12 20:52

I doubt it.
1. he doesnt have enough chakura to form one.
2. He probably cant control that amount even if he did.

Rasengan isnt a fine grained control ability, it just requires a whole hell of a lot of chakura compressed into a very small space.

UserName 2004-12-12 21:48

Well. Let's see here. Neji either has a whole lot of chakra, or else he has great control. Or a mixture of both.

We've seen im do the kaiten over and over again and not get tired from chakra loss.

Naruto has a lot of chakra so he was able to practice more and form it. Rasengan is more about chakra controlling it seems and well Neji can control chakra quite well. He can control the flow, the hakke is a move that controls the flow of chakra.

So yes, I think Neji would be able to learn it and a lot faster than Naruto(who took about 2 months or more to learn it).

vega98767 2004-12-12 23:07

I agree. Naruto totally hasn't even learned Rasengan yet. Well he has but he needs a clone to form the ball perfectly while putting forth maximum power. I think if Neji can do Kaiten he could learn Rasengan faster than Naruto.

ctown 2004-12-12 23:12

Yea most charactors can use most techniques but only if someone tech them the move only

ChronoReverse 2004-12-13 00:07

I'd think that Neji would have to train for a long time to even stand a chance at mastering Rasengan. Considering how incredulous Tsunade was at Naruto learning it (even in incomplete form) and how she said only the 4th and Jiraiya were able to use it, I'd say that the author intended Rasengan to be a move that's really tough to learn.

In any case, Neji might have the chakra control to make it spin, but I doubt he has enough power to charge it.

Tsukuyomi 2004-12-13 00:27

Neji is a genius. The only reason he couldn't learn resangan is because nobody to teach him and more importantly... who taught Jiraiya?! O.O isn't he older than the 4th?? why would the 4th teach him resangan? did he learn it himself?? no way!?@.@

PsiNide 2004-12-13 01:30

I think its such a hard jutsu to learn, simply because of the amount of chakra needed to make it Rasengan.

Seemin Jiraiya said he wants to teach Naruto jutsu that use up alot of chakra, so i think the move does take alot of chakra, which neji probably doesnt have.

Reticent 2004-12-13 05:33

Yeah, Neji could probably learn it given enough time. Hell, Sasuke could probably learn it (and I don't mean with sharingan).

Nobody could learn it as fast as Naruto though. He learned it YEARS faster than anyone else ever has, and even invented a new way of doing it. Some of the best ninjas in the series insisted that it absolutely takes several years to learn. Naruto just has several unique advantages pertaining to manipulating huge chakras.

coash 2004-12-13 05:45

can neji make a smiley face with his chakra when he emits it from the tenketsu?

Gevurah 2004-12-13 06:38

Neji can probably play tic tac toe with his chakra. And MigitAs, your avatar never ceases to amuse me.

historyX 2004-12-13 08:52

Naruto can train like this |-------------------------------| much because he has the kyuubi which heals him. His hands were burned and stuff, he kinda trained everyday so hard that in the evening he should have been hospitalized, but he had kyuubi.

Neji could train something like |-| much a day.

I'd say not everyone can learn it, it needs a certain level genius, or other good traits. I'd say Neji can learn it, if he has enough chakra (i don't know the amount that is needed, maybe he already has it, maybe not) but it would take about as long as Yondaime (3years).

Rasengan is not just a small chakra ball that needs precise chakra control, but also a great amount of energy, so it needs something more than a surgical chakra controll. Which Neji obviously has with small amounts of chakra.

Tettsuo 2004-12-13 09:20

There are a few things Naruto has that Neji doesn't.

1 - Incredible stamina
2 - Desire
3 - Massive chakra
4 - Healing

The only reason Naruto was able to learn it was because he was able to train pretty much all day and night. Even with the chakra burning his hands, he was able to simply sleep a bit and completely recover. Also, he's able to think outside the box in order to find a solution. Not everyone can do that.

Neji may have superior chakra control but I don't think he'd be able to train as hard or as long as Naruto can. At least now without far more rest and time to heal.

Sienged Leaf 2004-12-13 10:08

Many of u are under the impreshion that naruto has mastered it. I dont belive he has. Can he use it yes, but i do belive with time he will get a lot better.

Now comparing the 4ths 3 years or what ever to anyone else time to learn it just isnt fair cause he was freaking invinting the jutsu. Now if we knew how long it took the ONE other person who learned it , that would be somthing. and yes i bet the 4th taught the old pervert the move.

Naruto cant do it one handed + he cant make it powerful with out 3 or4hands

Naruto has more chak than neji not counting 9tails

+the move is geared towards power not chakra control

You rotate the chakra nothing else is like this(this is not releasesing chakra witch neji is practicly perfect at doing with set locations-he still has normal power limits)

Neji has one benifit he can skip the water test cause he can already see the chakra but to do that he has to waste chakra using his (cant remember how to spell) eyes.-note that is the easiest step

Remember the stage that took over a year to master was the holding it together stage, it isnt anthing but a swirl maker with out that, Naruto banged through this step because he had too witch he seems to be way better at than anyone else

Neji couldnt because he cant shadow clone. He has no other benifits that make him special

SO if he has enogh chakra, it would take him longer, If he could indure the pain, it would take him longer to heal,if he could swirl his chakra as good as naruto(i dought it but if any of the kids could it would be him)he would go as fast as naruto
but no clones no quick containg method and i belive with out that the move will take him not only longer than naruto longer than the 4th.

But if he did master it on his own imagin not a version that is in ones hand but one that is of ones intire body whwhwhhwwhaaaaa. (note for his def. he spins not chakra maybe with just trying to learn it he could stop getting disy)

Animizzle 2004-12-13 10:24


Originally Posted by Tettsuo
The only reason Naruto was able to learn it was because he was able to train pretty much all day and night. Even with the chakra burning his hands, he was able to simply sleep a bit and completely recover. Also, he's able to think outside the box in order to find a solution. Not everyone can do that.

So the only reason Naruto learned the rasengan is because he can train for days after each other, huh? strange, I don't recall the 4th and Jiraya having Kyubi chakra, and they learned it...
It's not a question wheteter Neji can learn it as fast as Naruto, he probably could't. It's the question if Neji could learn it at all. And there is no reason to think he couldn't

As said before Neji chakra control is far superior to Naruto's add to that he has an innovative mind (he mastered the Kaiten and Hakke by himself) And all that's left is some patience. Naruto doesn't need the Kyubi chakra to start a rasengan so there is not reason to assume Neji has too little chakra for a rasengan.

So, in short: Sure he could.

btw Sienged Leaf,

Performing the rasengan doesn't take need of being able to Clone.
So once again it's all about time, if he learns to master the rasengan as Jirayia he doesn't need a clone at all.

nothing hints towards the fact that Neji is unable to learn Rasengan.

brassmonkey 2004-12-13 10:39

personally. i think neji wouldn't be able to learn it. the 4th took like 3 years to create and master it.. neji isn't any smarter than he is. neji's just built differently..

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