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NightWish 2003-12-10 22:42

Christmas Theme
Well ... a few people think it would be a good idea to give the site a bit of a Christmas/Winter theme/feel. While none of us has the time to go over the top on a full site make-over, Flash_Squirrel suggested we give you all a chance to contribute something.

To that end I'm going to run a little banner competition, assuming GHDpro doesn't object ;): In much the same way the current banners used at the top of the forum were selected we'll select a Christmas/Winter banner...

What you need to do is take the background (attached to this post) and make a nice "AnimeSuki meets Christmas" banner for us. It should be exactly 650px wide and 60px high (like the template). When you are done post a link to it in this thread. That's it :). You can enter as many banners as you like until the close. Time is ticking away and Christmas is getting ever closer, so we'll run the competition for say 5 days -- unless someone has a good reason for me to do otherwise :p.

At the end we'll select a few we like best and put them in rotation at the top of the forum, in place of the current ones ;).

If any of you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to offer them up here too :).

Edit: The AnimeSuki font. GHDpro posted it below, but I've added it here so people don't miss it ... You do not have to use this font, it is just here incase you want to.

boneyjellyfish 2003-12-10 23:05

By utilizing the full extent of my artistic powers, I have come up with this bar for the top of the forum:

Shii 2003-12-11 00:17

Osaka always wins, or so I have heard.

p3psi 2003-12-11 00:47

whats the prize? the honor?

GATX207_Blitz 2003-12-11 00:54

Here we go I had fun doing this :) Forums.jpg

Animaniac 2003-12-11 01:33


Originally Posted by ashibaka
Osaka always wins, or so I have heard.

Osaka always WINS!!!

p3psi 2003-12-11 01:51


Originally Posted by Animaniac
Osaka always WINS!!!

Whose this osaka guy? does he like do hand water colors and scans them or something?

Thelastguardian 2003-12-11 02:35

very....*interesting* banners......;)

Oneesama 2003-12-11 02:36

HI~ I always loved X'mas :love:


Osaka always wins
:nono:maybe not this year~~ ^^

take this~ :bash: take that~ :bash: ~ from the Bottle Fairies :p BANNER.jpg

Uzumaki626 2003-12-11 04:26

bad boys get a visit from the OTHER man in red!!

and chibi-ginji owns all!

Hisoka-chan 2003-12-11 04:29

*nods* Nice Alucard, just the thought of him doing anything remotely related to chirstmas is funny. *snickers*

Flash_Squirrel 2003-12-11 07:47

No font... I have no idea about one, thats why.

Shii 2003-12-11 12:29


Originally Posted by p3psi
Whose this osaka guy? does he like do hand water colors and scans them or something?

Osaka winning

Necrodeath 2003-12-11 16:49

Well, I thought I'd try my hand at one, no santa hat or anything like that in mine though...

Kawaii_Sennin 2003-12-11 21:46


Originally Posted by Necrodeath
Well, I thought I'd try my hand at one, no santa hat or anything like that in mine though...

Kawaii!!!! I love your banner it looks so cool:D. Just change the font and it'll be perfect.

p3psi 2003-12-11 22:38

I stayed up all night making this

Edit: new and improved!:

Shii 2003-12-11 22:41

I'm sure.

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Galaxy 2003-12-11 22:46

Bottle Fairy.......
Too bad I'm not good at making banners

JAppi 2003-12-12 15:29

I pwnt you all!

NightWish 2003-12-12 15:39

Why do I get the feeling that few people are taking this seriously :rolleyes: ... oh well :heh:
... Maybe we should give something to the winner -- beyond the prestige of having their work at the top of the forum?

Hint: The banners work better if they make use of our blue-gradient background. Blend your pictures with it like the current banners for a cleaner look... ;)

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