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Pendragon2879 2003-12-11 01:17

Caught up in Manga
I really shouldn't have to say this, but this contains spoilers I guess if you haven't read the manga. So please leave. I am way too tired to put up a spoiler warning when it should be apparent. WIth that out of the way I can continue. After I first finished reading the manga, I was seriously depressed. I didn't know what to expect. One conclusion that I have come to is that things can never go back to the way they were before. Sasuke and Naruto have advanced beyond Sakura. We always knew they would, but I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly. Sasuke became a willing contraband, but I kinda saw that coming when Itachi put him in check. By the way, Itachi is awesome! I can't help it, I like that guy. I just keep hearing, WHy are you so weak? Not enough hatefulness. And that genjutsu he uses is unbelieavble. When Sasuke and Naruto fought on the hospital roof I was so hyped up. I wanted to kill Sakura and Kakashi for interrupting that fight. I just wanted to see who would win. What I also kinda like is the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are never said to be the undisputed best. Thats too DBZ like. If Naruto used teh Rasengan and was said to be better than Kakashi, I would have flipped. As it stands, they just have strong potential. Everytime I think that Naruto wins some great recognition and fear that he will be proclaimed the best, someone shows up and knocks him down a peg or two. Jiriyah: You are weak. Choji may be dead but i don't wanna see Neji die. Not yet, he hasn't changed enough. And where is Hinata?! And Sakura has become even more useless. Maybe not useless but underdeveloped when compared to Naruto and Sasuke. Thats all for now. I better get some sleep before I start hallucinating that the bastard son of a 100 maniacs is trying to kill me in my sleep.

Zeratul 2003-12-11 01:25

so what kind of reply are you expecting?

p3psi 2003-12-11 01:55

i skimmed through, and i have this to say:

(this is in response to some of the stupid threads in naruto forums thats been poping up by new members, and then closed by mods.)

To all new members,

There are a few things you should do before you post you're first thread in the naruto forums (or any other forums):

1. Yes the forum rules apply to you, read them and adbide by them.Also read the thread "Threads not allowed in naruto forums"

2. before posting a new thread, use the search tool to see if has been discussed before. this tool can be found can be found at the top of almost every page in the forum.

3. No autistic, self-concerning, "BLOG" threads (this thread for example).

4. Dont start stupid threads (e.g. from a recently closed thread: "would you **** sakura?, i mean come on, i would!").
You ask yourself:"how do i know if my new thread is stupid or not ?" If you have to ask yourself that question before you post your new thread, its mostly likely a stupid thread.
Now i know some people lack this inner monologue, thats why when the thread is closed and you're banned from the day, you will know for sure wether or not it was a stupid thread.

now, i only listed 4 items, thats because the first one (read the forum rules) does a lot to explain what to do, and espically not to do. Mods say this all the time, but its quite apparent that most new members dont bother to read this when they register.

Im not trying to scare any of you from starting new threads, just use your common sense, its a powerful tool.

Hybrid 2003-12-11 02:50

amen to that

and yes read forum rules

Loki_Sama 2003-12-11 03:52


Originally Posted by Hybrid
amen to that

and yes read forum rules

Dammit, cant some one just close this? its just pissing me off.....there is no reply to that dude.......there IS topics on the manga stick to that

Lexander 2003-12-11 04:11

Completely agree with P3psi, i mean what the helll are we supposed to discuss here ...

Lee-pimp 2003-12-11 17:41

yeah thanks pepsi you just saved me a whole lot of typing but seriously if you think your the type of person or people say your the type of person that would post stupid threads and posts then refrain from posting until you have control of yourself if this is a one time thing ok whatever but dont let it happen again

eLstar 2003-12-11 19:01

Let me guess this straight, you know the rules but you won't do it? Just for that I'm closing this thread. Follow the rules or don't come here at all.

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