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sOnJoOL 2004-12-22 20:19

Naruto Holiday Fanart-ness
i decided to join the holiday spirit and get involved.
took me nearly an hour and a half.
i used

- Standard printing paper.
- Dr.Grip (mechanical pencil)
- 12 for 99 cents pens.
- Lots of patience
- And most importantly... time.

btw, i have better quality ones, but i uploaded this becoz of the size.... :sad:
anyways merry christmas~ and enjoy~ :)

Hellychan 2004-12-22 21:31

Aww!!! so cute! ><! We can feel the Christmas spirit from it! LOL that Naruto bobble! :heh:

Sqrrl 2004-12-23 09:15

nice :D
Merry X-mas and a happy new yaer

sOnJoOL 2004-12-24 18:49

happy chrismas and merry new year!!! :uhoh: :)

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