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Digital Klown 2003-12-11 04:15

Funniest moments..
So, what are some of the funniest moments in the FMP: Fumoffu series? I thought Sagara making weapons out of the Bonta-kun costumes was one of the most hilarious moments in the series. The fact that he didn't understand why it didn't sell that well made it even funnier. Also, Weber's attempts at peeking at the ladies in the hot springs trip. That was hilarious.

vio5555 2003-12-11 04:24

Yeah the underwear SEED mode was awesome and another favorite scene was really early when they were playing the pumpkin and Sagara uses the gun, classic.

Seta 2003-12-11 06:25

The beginning of the hot springs episode where Sagara has a "nightmare" about Tessa and wakes up with an erection was hilarious. The part in the "pony" episode where Sagara fights the crazy policewoman is great too.

kamij0 2003-12-11 10:38

best part was sagara training the rugby team, man did he overdid it again

Sklappu 2003-12-11 13:14

man, I have so many favourite moments and there just isnt a "best" one, it's like comparing apples and oranges.

The most memorable though is his repeated "I won" scenes, those always had me laughing so hard. The fact that he is completely ignorant to his tactics being dirty and dishonorable, and taking it dead-serious is just too much for me to handle, and had me in stitches.

Also when Sagara falls ill when guarding Tessa and they (Tessa and Chidori) have a fight over who gets to take care of him, and drops the rice on his face. Very small moment but it just struck me as incredibly funny.

I could go on and on, I have so many moments I want to mention, but I think it would come out as a rant.

flippedout6 2003-12-12 06:01

sagura training the rugby team - fighting the judo club using weapons - the virus infection episode

phaeton 2003-12-12 07:01

erection? how come I didn't catch that? which ep was that?

I found the rugby team one the funniest. laughed out so loud.
the pony ep was very good too

Sugetsu 2003-12-12 14:20

hahaha the funniest part was when that old and kind guy goes bersek and uses a chainsaw after those to assholes killed and cocked his favorite pet for dinner. lol I fell off the chair when the geezer's eyes turn red and becomes invensible that not even bullets could stop him. lol I'm laughing my ass off again!!

qksita 2003-12-12 15:12

I like the 'fighting for an activity room' ep most. Esp towards to end Chidori dressed in kimono. That was one of the few times Chidori resolved problem without vioilence...

*aznplayboi* 2003-12-12 21:55

sagara's bawl puching... :p that was so friggen great...

Superchop 2003-12-12 23:12


Originally Posted by vio5555
Yeah the underwear SEED mode was awesome

That was probably the funniest part of the series that didn't involve Sousuke in my opinion...and my other favorite was when Sousuke and Tsubaki were "fixing" the bench...

There are countless other parts in the series i found hilarious but those two are teh ones that made me laugh for the longest time

My favorite line was the one with the "haunted" hospital...when i heard this line i was laughing for a while...

"I would understand if she got scared if the old lady was armed with a gun or a rocket launcher

Maveric 2003-12-12 23:56

The entire second unaired episode is the funniest (the one with the bread shop). Especially the scene where the gym class does the dance ala Michael Jackson :lol:

Seta 2003-12-13 08:02


Originally Posted by phaeton
erection? how come I didn't catch that? which ep was that?

I found the rugby team one the funniest. laughed out so loud.
the pony ep was very good too

It was the Hot Springs episode, I forgot the #. Watch it again and you'll see Sagara has a bulge in his pants when he wakes up.

LMagnuz 2003-12-18 00:48

The dojo scene !!! And the hotspring scene :)

sperry 2003-12-18 16:41

I also loved the SEED underwear thing, that was hilarious.

Some others... The scene where they want Souske to be a model for the art class in the park, and he sets up all the traps. It was so funny seeing that girl pulled up into the trees, and those guys getting hit with a log... was just great how they were dropping like flies.

Also, when Tessa is sleeping over at Souske's, and she "sleepwalks" to Souske's room, but Mao handcuffs her.

During the rugby training, when Kaname asks where Souske learned all those words, and he pulls out "Mao's Book on How to Abuse a Trainee" was hilarious.

Kazama, In general. It's so funny how everyone ignores him, like when he finds the toxic stuff in the last episode.

eMpTy265 2003-12-18 19:01

FMP:F? had too many funny moments to mention 'em all.

If I had to pick 3 funniest moments, they'd be:

#1: Rugby training incident... (All the *beep*ing, the FMJ parody, and the punt that Sousuke does... ROFLMAO)

#2: Bonta-kun's first appearance.... "aiya... why you ...".... ROFL

#3: Kazami Pansu SeeD... and ending up in Sousuke's.... LOL

Favourite Funny Character: Kazami (The crazy policewoman close in second..)

jedilorddazza 2003-12-19 14:08

when they are fixing the bench, that scene made me laugh the most.

p3psi 2003-12-19 16:57

when the old jaintor says something like "oh no, you guys want to take advanatage of my ripe body" and they show him naked with rose petal's covering his thingies and souske and ninja boy are hovering over. hehe

Rias 2003-12-25 03:20

I like in unaired epsiode 1, when the guy was explainning about Sousuke using a Steyr SPP

malalawy 2003-12-25 10:23

I think the Funniest Moment is when the whole class is fighting it out to get the Antidote to the Virus Release int he class room, and Souske is the only one with a Bio-hazard suit.

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