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Rand 2004-12-24 05:08

Christmas time : what will you offer to your familly/friends ?

TrueKnight 2004-12-24 05:50

Well, my family are having a family dinner 2 hours before Christmas, with the presents below the godly christmas tree just waiting to be unpurified......can't wait.

as for the presents :

- A nice baby clothes for my 10 months old baby niece.

- A copy of a Growlanser Generation ps2 DVDs for my 12 years old nephew.

things to do :

- god-forsaken busy day at Christmas, meeting up with friends.

- A dinner in Christmas with a gf, hopefully it'll go smooth.

wishes for Christmas :

- better salary :thinker: :thinker:

- world domination.

Goddamn I'm broke. Every Christmas was always like this. :uhoh:

Oh well, it's worth it, it's Christmas for cryin' out loud :)

Shadowlord 2004-12-24 14:22

Well, I am unemployed, so nothing.

Thats right, I don't give gifts (except of course my wonderful company!) because I have no money. While I could fashion something from toilet paper rolls somehow I just cant seem it working out well. The expression "its the thought that counts" is often a statement made to someone who had given a gift no one likes. So, i'll give my love to my family as their gift, instead of a snowman made of toilet paper rolls.

Me and my mother are going to a friends house for Christmas tonight, so that should be fun. Aside from that, theres not much happening.

aFlipGuy 2004-12-24 23:16

hahaha can i join you in your boat mr shadowloard ^_____^ i only give gifts to those who i think will give me a gift(3 girls) and yes its the thought that counts, cause my gifts sucked.

my mother have a friend who invited us for dinner so thats where i'll be for dinner on xmas

HoboGod 2004-12-26 04:47

i got everyobody $20.00 (and under) gifts. Probably the only person i spent more than that on is my mother to whom I got a $35.00 deep fryer. Getting gifts for my two nephews was the cheapest, i spent a grand total of $6.00 on their combined gifts because i just bought a tote and shoved all my old toys in it.

I had to buy presents for seven people, but i only spent $96. Next year i shopping at the second hand store and aiming for less than $50. :D

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