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Sugetsu 2004-12-25 21:54

Please listen to my Cousin's music! Band: First Degree! Tell him what you think!
Disclaimer: The following material isn't copyrighted. Therefore it is totally legal to download it.

Hi there guys! Well my cousin, who is from Colombia as well, just came to the US because he wants to distribute his music Demo. His name is Leonardo Sierra and he is 18. He is just starting with this project, which means that he is not even known in our country either.

He was in Canada studying English and Frensh, and his friends down there told him that it is best for him to spend one month in the US and try to get in contact with the music companies. So the first thing he did was to contact me since I am alone in the US I wouldn’t be much of a bother for him :D

His music style is Pop-punk same as "The Ataries" or "Jimmy Eat world"

I thought it would be a great idea if I could at least let some of my friends at animesuki hear his music and tell him what you guys think :)

Here is the torrent file:

First Degre - Good bye
19 MB

By the way, if any of you guys have any connections with any music company or something similar, please let him know :)

PS. Thank to _Sin_ and his wonderful Azureus guide :D I was so happy when I published the torrent that I spammed the IRC forums and got Banned :p

Merry XMAS :D

_Sin_ 2004-12-25 22:03

1. I'm honored but please take a look at my real nick :p
2. If you don't have a static IP you will have to repeat the steps over and over or just register at and input that address in Tracker-->Server Tracker external IP. Create the torrent again.

Sugetsu 2004-12-25 22:07

Opps! nick fixed :p

Waiting impatiently for someone to download the music... >_> In fact, I am pressing F5 every 20 seconds ...

Talvius 2004-12-25 22:44

Hi all and merry christmas(lil bit late but still).

Ok for your cousin's music. It's not really my type of music but I think the instruments are very well played but for the voice I'm not very sure. Well who am I huh, my opinion doesnt really count cuz i don't ofter listen too that kind of music but from my point of view they just a little bit more variation in the melodies and work a tiny tiny bit on the voice but that left apart I really think that if they stick to their dreams they have a pretty decent chance to be knowed trought out north america. :heh:

snoopy007 2004-12-25 23:33

This stuff is pretty good. If I heard it on 96 wave I wouldn't doubt it's professional, but then again I don't listen to a lot of this genre of music. The vocals aren't that clear, but a lot of other professional bands don't have very clear vocals either... guess it's just preference?

JubeiYamazaki 2004-12-26 03:05

Time to be honest.

I can't hear ANY vocals. The BG beat is so much louder then the lead singers voice that I can't hear jack, maybe they can save some money up and get a producer or do something to make the vocals come out.

And theres seems to be a missing element, like a bassist or something, if they had an extra something they'd sound soooooooo much better, cause to me its just a lot of dead air in between the drums and guitaring. This coming from a rabid Violent Femmes fan, but the VF's style of playing fitted their 2 man operation, but this band could benefit from an extra guitarist.

This could be relate to my first point about the vocals, but the lead singer doesn't sound like he's leading. Since these songs are about love and heart break with a rock attitude, he needs to take the lead, and not let the background music clutter up his singing voice. I think he needs a lot more vocal work, making his voice stronger, and louder for people to hear. This isn't headbanger music, so people need to be hooked by his voice, then have it followed up by the rest of the band.

They've got a lot of potential, they just need to polish their shit a little more.

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