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Thelastguardian 2004-12-29 02:05

UG ☆ Ultimate Girl
OK first of all let me get this out first:


After I watched the promo I was left speechless...except maybe tons of laughter.

You would have thought that M.O.E. would had learn their leasson in the making of Cosprayer, but no, they have to make another SuperLolitaHero (SLH) (tm) show that is probably one of the most ecchi show you will ever see in 2005.

Ultraman meets Digi Charat with a light touch of DNAngel all under the magnificant Cosprayer wrapper :)

What the heck is this.

FlyByNite 2004-12-29 02:23

Whenever there is underage Loli Ecchi Comedies...M.O.E. will be there... :heh:

Burner of Anime 2004-12-29 02:33

Whatever the evil MOE inflicts on us, speak not of it here. Methinks this is a prime candidate for a parody sub... :uhoh:

Keitaro 2004-12-29 02:37

What a way to start the New Year. What else would you expect from a company called "M.O.E.". :heh:

Perfect for parody fansubbing, perhaps Boney could sub it.

FlyByNite 2004-12-29 03:34


Originally Posted by Keitaro
What a way to start the New Year. What else would you expect from a company called "M.O.E.". :heh:

Perfect for parody fansubbing, perhaps Boney could sub it.

the ultimate girls group was formed to defend against future cucumber invasions? :D

megumidk 2004-12-29 04:53

This is one of the series i am looking foeward to, but i do hope that somebody besides DWE picks it up. The subbing in the promo was not very good, with 2 names out of 3 spelled wrong, which is kinda impressive, considering that the names are included in the promotion, in english.

Kensuke 2004-12-29 13:38

I think there is shows where people dress as monsters and then fight in a miniature city. Of course this need a anime version of it, naturally with cute girls.

Anyway, I will watch this for its loli moe-ness. :heh:

Mr. Shabaz 2004-12-29 13:50

I didn't think anime could get much worse than that whole Cosprayers sage. Unfortunately, it looks as though I may be proved wrong. :upset:

Muir Woods 2004-12-29 13:52

I just saw the promo too, curious about what heck this show is all about. A loli 2nd year high school girl with boobs transforming and fighting monsters. Hmm...doesn't quite capture my interest :heh: . But I'll give a shot. Is it just me or did I just see Jun (of Rozen Maiden) in the UG Promo running away from the monster? Take a look and tell me I'm not blind:


dreamless 2004-12-29 14:11

^ maybe it's the typical loser guy design? :p

Since people are saying it's like Cosprayer, I guess that means I'll surely watch it :heh:

7thMethuselah 2004-12-29 14:20

My god, how bad can it get :D. Well I can imagine a number of anime fans that do like this type of shows but i ain't one of them. I bet boney will like this :p

mangatron 2004-12-29 15:58

Me, I'm up for any m.O.E. thing. Ok blast me for it :heh:

13 minute eps make my day cool!!! Add girls in it to make my day better! Add bad story to make my day *sobs* :heh:

DrewGSR 2004-12-29 17:08

lmao, man that looks so horrendous. I check out the first episode just for fun and laughs.

ultrataro 2004-12-29 19:31

Giant fanservice? Literaly? This looks like it can be good, or really bad, or really bad it's good, but that doesn't usually happen with animation.
And dude, you THINK there's shows where people dress up in rubber suits & stop around in minature cities? What planet have you been hiding on? Godzilla is, well, the Godzilla of these shows. Of course there's Ultraman which this looks to be making direct reference to, which has beeing going on through countless variations, including one done in Australia I believe. And I do believe there were some female Ultramen. Anyway, we shall see what comes of this show.

stealthgiga 2004-12-29 19:57

Yep.. Ultraman reference here and there.. not just the transformation they even copied the battle pose..

What the hell..

mangatron 2004-12-29 21:13

did any of you watch Burn Up Scramble? If You did, you'd know why I am luaghing so much as to how much more of that ep in BUS i'll get in teh near future....

Utils 2004-12-30 01:44

Cosprayer while having lots of panty shots only had a single gainax bounce in the entire production. Hopefully there's more bouncing this time. I'll be covering this one in my fanservice blog for sure.

sOnJoOL 2004-12-30 04:29

although i didnt like m.o.e.'s work before.....
maybe this one will be good.
but i dont like excessive fanservice.
i think school rumble has just about enuff fanservice.
maybe it could have a bit more...

Yuun 2004-12-30 09:08


Is not like i workship MOE or what but i have to admit that i really like their productions in sense of their ecchiness, comedy, and artwork.

Other then those there's nothing that MOE could attract me towards it. The songs aren't bad either but is still pretty average, the joke sometimes really blow me off ^^

MOE is famous for what it is so we might as well enjoy the show for what it major in ^^ which i believe is the Ecchiness ^^
Anyway, i really looking forwards for the it ^^ is a good anime to start your day IMHO ^^

Dragnfly@Gamefaqs 2004-12-30 09:49

I'll watch it for at least a few episodes. I've always found Moe's good points weren't enough to make up for their crappy directing/stories/characters/image/pacing/marketing/pseudoecchi/background drops/company vehicle/etc but I always find myself watching their shows regardless. And I don't -think- it's costumed Silk's ass. Anyhow, as is with the others I'll give it a try. There was a lot of animes in the fall 2004 season which I thought would suck that didn't.

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