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me=D 2005-01-01 03:14

I was so bored during winter break that i.....
Alrite since winter break is over for most ppl now.

....started to play neopets again(yes it was soo im addicted)
now every one share what u did

WaterSideAngel 2005-01-01 03:20

I play neopets too lol. I just got my Super Gold Plus hopefully someday i'll get the Ultimate Riches account^^;;;

(gotta a lot of saving up to do!)

But other than that, I'm hoping to get my portfolios done for college and work on my RPG projects...especially now that i got RPG Maker XP :heh:

ramune 2005-01-01 03:24

I played Star Ocean from 12pm to 12am everyday...

..and I'm only halfway through my break (school starts on the 18th). I'm going to San Diego next week though, staying there for a week. Then I'll come back and catch up on all the anime that I'll miss. :)

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