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DarknessFox45 2005-01-01 22:40

Who's The Hottest Final Fantasy Girl?
Definatley my vote is for Rikku X-2 style but thats just bout u???


domino 2005-01-02 02:58

I'm a girl, but I think the Advent Children version of Tifa is the prettiest ^^;

Talesweaving 2005-01-02 03:14

Go Aeris. Can't go wrong with the flower girl.

Wang Hung Lo 2005-01-02 03:23

Lulu - FFX

Why'd you leave her out?

DarkCntry 2005-01-02 03:34

Terra dammit, Terra! Mmmm pixels...

Thany 2005-01-02 04:35

Like the only Final Fantasy games that has ever existed were the one on PS/PS2 -.-
If you really want to make a point, don't forget the characters of the 4-5-6 FF (I think the 1-2-3 had only males or changing class that made them males or females).

OutPhase 2005-01-02 11:18


Originally Posted by Talesweaving
Go Aeris. Can't go wrong with the flower girl.

Too boring and flat, in my opinion, but Tifa on the other hand is the shiznit, and also......

Spoiler for end of disk one of FFVII:

And for Yuffie, I just don't like her at all.

Spoiler for funny story in disk one:

And that's why I don't like Yuffie. Yuna's just boring and the voice actress has no acting ability to speak of and talks kind of like William Shatner on Star Trek.

Yuiichi 2005-01-02 12:23

Selphie all the way. I can't believe no one else has voted for her. She's full of energy, happy all the time. The perfect FF girl!

sinistral 2005-01-02 12:31

Rikku. I bet you guys don't play a game which has a bikini babe with funky attitude for 60 hours(i complete FFX-2 this long). She's hot !!!

Shay 2005-01-02 12:33

Where the hell is Quistis? Those glasses just do it for me. :love:

Masenko 2005-01-02 16:20

I'd say Yuna. She looks like Utada Hikaru :D

SlugZilla 2005-01-02 17:25

Tifa baby..!! BOING!

Momochi Zabuza 2005-01-02 17:33

Tifa is by far the hottest.

Ging_Freecs 2005-01-02 18:55


Originally Posted by domino
the Advent Children version of Tifa is the prettiest

I believe so too but lets see more pics aight

yuna x-2
rikku x-2
yuna bride

But when it come to who is the hottest? my vote goes for rikku coz nothings better than a cute girl in a bikini

Talesweaving 2005-01-02 19:47

Spoiler for funny story in disk one:

I thought she only stole the ones equiped on ur party? Maybe thats why I had all my crappy ass ones left with me?

Imion 2005-01-02 20:21

If Quistis would be on that list I'd vote for her.. (*had some nice self made Quistis Wallpapers some years ago* ^^) but as she isn't I just voted for Aeris. :)

She deserves it, too after all.

Archuka 2005-01-02 21:24

Tifa wins by a long shot. She looks very natural and stylish and she's got red eyes <3.

Yuna comes second and Rikku is third.

Lina Inverse 2005-01-02 21:46

Yuffie clearly is the best! :D
Much better than big-titted Tifa :uhoh:

WaterSideAngel 2005-01-02 21:54

Rikku...I mean come on!^^ :cool:

Kurz 2005-01-02 22:40

Rikku = Crazy girl

Come on folks who doesnt want an unattainable Crazy girl. ;)

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