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JoeStoppable 2005-01-02 01:39

Elfen Lied OVA
I was just wondering if anyone had heard of any news on elfen lied season 2 yet. Cause I just finished watching it and I can pretty much say that was one of the best animes i've seen in a long long time. so just wondering if anyone heard anything.

Timeless Enigma 2005-01-02 01:44

I doubt it. The manga is still running... I think. You could read that.
Nice avatar though... that scene made me queasy. :( heheh

Thelastguardian 2005-01-02 02:19

With the way they ended Elfen Lied TV, I don't think it leaves much room for a OVA, let alone second season.

Nothing like a good-old human meat shield huh :)

Reaver4k 2005-01-02 03:05


Nice Display pic.

Sushi-Y 2005-01-02 04:54

You're welcome to sift through the 50 some odd pages on the Elfen Lied thread here.
Basically, while it would be cool to have a second season, don't hold your breath on it.

xris 2006-05-29 15:16

Seems like the Elfen Lied OVA is licensed by ADV. Here's the Anime Boston 2006 ADV report at ANN.

The pattern for releasing thinpack box sets is changing to where one will be released at least a year after the last volume of any given series is out. This will take into account the fact that many fans are specifically interested in buying single volumes. At this point, thinpack releases for Gasaraki and Lost Universe are not likely; on the other hand, there is a “very good possibility” that the Elfen Lied OVA will be released, as soon as a decision is made as to how best to distribute a single 22-minute episode.

Kensuke 2006-05-29 23:52

This could be good change to test online distribution, even if they decide to release it on DVD (I hope there is a lot of extras like in Voices of a Distant Star).

physics223 2006-05-30 00:00

The OVA doesn't really amount to much in the anime, but it's somewhat good to watch after the bloodshed of Elfen Lied. It's good to recognize the passing dream of happiness that enveloped the cast of EL in that OVA.

Again, it's a great anime. I must have watched it four times already.

sejiro 2006-06-09 09:17

wow this anime really is nice. BUt the ending is just some how making me thinking is that really nyuu or someone else but the shadowry shape do looks like nyuu . :)

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