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NightWish 2005-12-16 20:12

Bleach Forum Rules
As of May 29, 2007, this thread has been replaced with the new thread Bleach Forum Rules and relevant threads.

A word to the wise ~ NoSanninWa's Bleach Forum Rules ~

I'm happy to say that Bleach now has its own forum. Unfortunately, now that Bleach has its own forum a lot of people will be eager to do stupid sh*t. You know well what I mean.

Rule 1: If I think I see spoilers, there will be bans. You cannot put any spoilers about manga in the anime discussions at all. Week long bans will follow.

Rule 2: Stupid thread creation will lead to bans. The existence of a forum doesn't mean we need threads for any crazy thing you can imagine.

Rule 3: If a thread has spoilers from the manga, it will need to say so in the title. If it doesn't... you know what happens.

Rule 4: If something hasn't been scanlated yet, you need to put it in spoiler tags even if the thread title is marked for manga spoilers. For information about how to use spoiler tags please read the FAQ about spoiler tags. If you don't...

Rule 5: Excessively bad punctuation or grammar will be treated as in the Naruto Forum. :innocent:

Rule 6: And in case you were thinking of helping out folks by posting links to scanlated Bleach manga (or were thinking of asking) you will be overjoyed to know that the nice folks at Viz are selling it! We've got information on how to get it in The "Where do I buy..." Thread. If that isn't good enough for anyone, I think you know what I'll do...

Rule 7: And now that Viz has licensed Bleach with intent to air it on TV and sell DVDs, let's not mention the possibility of illicit fansubs that might or might not exist.

If you just obey those rules, treat everyone kindly and have a little common sense nobody will get hurt. :heh:

Thank you,

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