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NightWish 2005-12-16 20:52

Shuffle! Q&A
This thread is for those with questions about the Shuffle! anime or game. Please keep discussion about episodes in the relevant threads, the purpose of this thread is to ask questions that can actually be answered as facts from the anime or game.

Make sure you use spoiler tags if your question is about the game. Untagged game spoilers are risking a ban. If you don't know how to use a spoiler tag, please read the BB Code FAQ.

Please DO NOT quote entire posts; if you wish to refer to a previous post quote ONLY the parts relevant to your response. Please take care to quoting parts of the "Recovery" posts; they are large and we don't want them repeated in every subsequent post!

WARNING - Unmarked spoilers may be found in the "Recovery" posts due to the loss of BB Code information. You have been warned!


Original Thread Credit: xris

NightWish 2005-12-16 22:35

Recovered Thread Content [1]

NightWish 2005-12-16 22:36

Recovered Thread Content [2]

NightWish 2005-12-16 22:36

Recovered Thread Content [3]

moeru 2005-12-18 15:39

With the backups lost, what's the status on the Translation project?

sinistral 2005-12-19 06:06


Originally Posted by moeru
With the backups lost, what's the status on the Translation project?

Incredibly, it's here.

The translator(heklin?) announced a tentative 'completion' date of 1 Jan 2006. Should be great news for those waiting for the translation to be done.

LilleNisse 2005-12-19 11:30

NightWish I used to adore you... But now I love you :love:

Thanks for bringing the Q&A back :heh:

Paracelsus 2005-12-24 07:28

<Random User> Now, are there CG sets for Mayumi from Shuffle???

answer please

Wrath88 2005-12-25 11:13

Shuffle! Website!
Okay, I just found out from SnakeLegend (a member who joined some time before AS forums went down, old-timers should know him) that he's creating a website as a school project. Well, as a true Shuffle! fan, he's decided to create a website of everyone's favourite anime, Shuffle! (duh). However, he needs a bit of information to complete stuff like the girls' bios. So, I suppose we could all do our bit to help him, since this represents something important to us.

Since he's facing some problems in trying to register back online, I decided to go ahead and appeal to the Shuffle! forum for help first. Both of us got the visual fanbook saved in our computers, so things like the girls' height, birth dates and vital statistics :naughty:, are already known to us. (Did anyone realize that Mayumi is the tallest among all the girls? That explains why her chest is so small :D)

However, since we can't read Japanese, we need someone to translate the parts regarding the flower each characters' (The 5 girls, Kareha, Mayumi, the two kings, Beni-sensei and Ama, no Itsuki, sorry III) name is connected to. (I know some of these details are already posted, but I find it a hassle to look for it.) Also, we need things like their likes and dislikes as well. Arakawa Takeshi, I recall you did translate Sia's and Nerine's pages in the fanbook before, so I'm sure you can provide the information easily.

So, I hope some kind souls would help to contribute to this website. Thanks in advance, from me and SnakeLegend.

SoldierOfDarkness 2005-12-25 11:24

Wikipedia already has a massive article on SHuffle and individual biographies for each girl, at least for Kaede and Asa at the moment. I haven't had time to load up Nerine, Primula, and SIa's. The pictures are there as well.

He can use that as a reference and I've already loaded up their name meanings (At least what I found but I could be wrong) for each girl. Of course, better for a website since somebody vandalized Kaede's biography but luckily someone fixed that.

Wrath88 2005-12-25 11:32

It's not bad in way of a storyline, but could someone give a better explanation of the relationship between the names and the plants?

Furudanuki 2005-12-25 20:09


Originally Posted by Wrath88
... So, I hope some kind souls would help to contribute to this website. Thanks in advance, from me and SnakeLegend.

Here is some info that I posted in another thread earlier. Hope it will be helpful!

Sia and Nerine's alter egos (Kikyou & Lycoris) are also botanically named...

Kikyou is the Japanese name for Platycodon grandifloris, or Chinese Bellflower. This plant is also referred to as the Balloon Flower. In episode 17, right before she tells Rin about her other self, Sia says something like "I wonder what this flower is called?" and picks a flower that is growing on the hillside. That flower is a kikyou.

And from an article I found: "Lycoris is an eastern Asian genus of Amaryllidaceae superficially resembling the South African Nerine and sometimes confused with it in the horticultural trade. However, the two genera are not closely related and are placed in different tribes (Meerow et al., 1999)." BTW - Amaryllidaceae is very large group of plants which includes spider lillies and daffodils.

Edit: More Lycoris info here:

Wrath88 2005-12-26 05:05

Thanks a lot, Furudanuki. Anyone else with the ability to translate pages of the visual fanbook? Can you please give some more information? Vexx?

SnakeLegend 2005-12-27 11:43

er anyone know what's storyline about?
and er know any short summary of each episode?
what are the character's statistics and profile? including D.O.B. and three-lengths of the body :p and er Hobbies, favourites and dislikes and so on.

Vexx 2005-12-27 12:23

Actually.. if you visit Froth-Bite's Wiki page
it answers most/all of those questions...

SnakeLegend 2005-12-27 12:29

ok gotcha, will go check out. if i got outta the webby's question i'll ask you.
PS: oh yeah, thank wrath for helping me on the other hand, since i never receive the confirmation mail after registering, he helped me out alot here.
EDIT: Birthday of Rin please.

Wrath88 2005-12-27 22:53

Apparently it doesn't exist, I checked the Navel website and they put Rin's bday as ??

SnakeLegend 2005-12-28 03:21

lol i see.... its hidden knowledge >.>
EDITED:any idea whats the story behind shuffle! other than the ones in the spoiler buttons?

ShadowrazoR 2006-01-01 11:40

The girls' catchphrases (in japanese)
er... i got a little shuffle game question. can anyone tell me the catchphrases of the girls in the game OP? i know the english versions that are in the OP already. i just want to know the japanese versions that the gals say in the game actual. i need them in romaji and kanji+hiragana please.

for example, this one i found on the Hand of Gory blog:
Asa --> " だから言わなかった言いたくなかった."
too bad it's only in kanji. the full page is here:

thank you very much.

SnakeLegend 2006-01-01 11:43

if its the full game sentences/script you want, you'll have to wait. the game's translation's going to be completed soon.

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