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NeoSam 2005-12-18 19:25

Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku
鍵姫物語 永久アリス輪舞曲
Key Princess Story, Eternal Alice Rondo

Based on a manga for young men.

The manga is serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Dengeki Daioh.
For now there are 4 volumes released of this manga, here are the covers:

Mangaka: Kaishaku (the creators of the shounen manga Kannaduki no Miko)

From AnimeNfo:


Generally, it is believed that Alternight L Tachyon wrote two books about Alice. However there is another Alice book, “Endless Alice”. Somehow, the pages of the books were taken apart and they are lying in girls’ minds.

Kirihara Aruto likes Alice books very much, and he likes to imagine his own Alice. One day, he happens to meet a girl flying in the air, and she looks exactly like his Alice. Her name is Arisugawa Arisu. She is one of “Alice”. The Alice has fragments of the Alice book in her mind, and she fights against each other to collect these fragments. If one can collect the whole fragments to complete the book, it will grant any wish.
This is a seinen(young men's) manga/anime.

Genre: Seinen, Fantasy.

mangatron 2005-12-19 01:52

LOL, I went to the site through a tv guide, wondering what's this about, of course two things stuck out in my mind the moment the page loaded. Can you guess?

No, you like not to guess?

....come on, you know me well enough anybody :heh:

Spoiler for manga wanted to keep this from open sight lol:

Err, I'm revealing too many qualities of myself these days...

By the way, I'd like to contribute to neosam's post, with a few info of my own:

Set to begin airing 2006 January 03, (01/03/2006 american format date), [03/01/2006 European format date] at 25:45 hours, KBS-Kyoto, Episode 1 title,..."A Rabbit-Hole" :heh: minus the emote lol

Episode 1 will also air on TVK-Yokohama on the 4th, 26:45 hours. Will also air on 4 other different channels gradually.

Confirmed to be 13 episodes in total.

NeoSam 2005-12-30 10:38

The first post was updated with the covers of this seinen manga.

Volume 3 of this manga was released this month :) (12/2005).

froinlaven 2006-01-02 10:33

I checked out the trailer for this one. The production quality seems kinda iffy, but on the plus side, there are bunny ears...

The art in the manga looks really good too. It's just that it looks like they don't have the budget to make the anime look good. I guess we'll see though.

EDIT: Here's my review w/ screencaps n' OP/ED.

mangatron 2006-01-03 11:04


Originally Posted by froinlaven
I checked out the trailer for this one. The production quality seems kinda iffy, but on the plus side, there are bunny ears...

The art in the manga looks really good too. It's just that it looks like they don't have the budget to make the anime look good. I guess we'll see though.

Eh, the artwork isn't bad, the animation isn't bad either...

I was watching the Kagihime special that aired earlier, and the animation is alot like Canvas 2. I mean, I sweeer I could've been tricked into thinking this was an alternate universe of Canvas 2 :heh: It does really look great, and the girls, yeah you know my answer:heh:

The program also featured Magikano, ACCESS (Live Action), Kaleidostar Legend of Phoenix, the Ani10 News, singers Joe and Yoffy, among other things. I tell you that Joe and Yoffy is weird :uhoh: I also saw a ad for Lamune, well, the DVD that is. The DVD version of Lamune looks great, animation flows well...makes me wonder why they didn't air those :heh: To wrap up the program they showed a little clip of hm3's music video :twitch:

Overall, Kagihime looks great. For one thing, I'm definately gonna watch it to extend the Canvas 2 love :heh:

And cute girls! :heh:

Girl meets boy....what's hm3 thinking...:heh:

Omniscient 2006-01-03 17:04

Episode 01 Screencaps

Just watched the first episode...


monir 2006-01-03 19:57

Thanks to Omni's screencaps and summary, I'm so off to dl the raws! Looks like my year 2006 will start with anime girls with bunny years. Wonder if there is any irony to it. :uhoh::heh:

Omniscient 2006-01-03 20:07

The sad thing is, the more I think about this show, the more I think about how much I enjoyed laughing at it (mainly the aforementioned fanservice parts). I may end up watching this just for kicks.

mangatron 2006-01-03 20:23

You know, this was everything I expected it to be after watching the special, it still amazes me how the VA's can be somewhat composed....

Anyways, mind my mumbling, I don't mind the fanservice. Heck, there was some in the manga too, that was very much anticipated. Ok, now I don't want to let my past history of being a massively insane bishoujo-con, but really, I seemingly wasn't fased, both in the expected and unexpected manners.

I like the colors of this show too :heh: gives me that feeling of taking me away from real life to another world...ehem, something bothered me though. In a trend I have seen before, where 2 or more different series have something in common, in this case Magikano apparently featured the Sis with a brother complex so early in the show, why Kagihime made me see so as well I'll probably never know, but that aside I'm liking this series. A fair warning to all; do expect me to go all out and nosebleed over this series as such to the tiniest of details :heh: :heh: :uhoh: :heh:

Really though, I'm not sure if any series is safe from my nose blood lol

Guido 2006-01-03 22:21

I could swear that for a moment, Kagimono (abbreviated form of the title), seemed like an ultra-bishoujo, bunny girl, mellow fairy-tale version of Kannazuki no Miko.

I making this comparison based on the art animation for the female characters; carefully watching their sparkling eyes and faces.

Arisu and Kiraha, for example.

Besides, not something secret that Kiraha harbor's a fraternal complex thing of sorts for her brother Aruto.

GundamZZ 2006-01-04 14:24

I think Kaishaku is going to become next Clamp. It's their forth manga been animated. IMHO, first is honor(Steel Angel Kurumi). Second is growth(UFO Princess Valkyrie). Third is charm(Kannaduki no Miko). Forth one is going to make Kaishaku remembered in the manga world(considered how many manga artists out there). The show looks like any other show appealing to otaku. Hail, this formula works so well.

Newprimus 2006-01-04 22:12

Watched the first ep.


LytHka 2006-01-05 17:00

Eh, it's all about Kisa-tan and her seiyuu Matsuki Miyu!!! :3

Kaoru Chujo 2006-01-06 23:16

Well.... I guess "questionable" is a good way of putting it. So are "fanservice," and "enjoyable," and "can't stop smiling." I guess it's working from a formula, but I have to say the idea of the key is pretty interesting, and if we ever get to see the stories that come out, that could work pretty well. Can't guarantee I'll keep watching, but this episode was sure fun. Had a good feeling, especially...
Spoiler for ep1:
The male lead is voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki, who was Ayumu in Zettai Shounen. And Shimizu Ai (Ren in DearS, Karen in Onegai Twins, Mikoto in Mai-HiME, Umino in Zettai Shounen, etc., etc.) plays Arisu.

And thanks, LytHka, for focusing my attention on Kisa-tan and the tiny voice of Matsuki Miyu. That was a fairly riveting few seconds.

Thelastguardian 2006-01-07 04:33

Ok I got to let this out of my chest before anything else- what's so good about that prevert that makes his story so popular these days in anime? Is it because he had predicted, with Alice, the whole loli-jail baiting fetish a good 100 years before Japan? Or is it because of his the-father-of-all-main-character-in-harem-anime-personality, which is [sic]shy, eccentric, and seemingly incapable of having a mature relationship with a woman?

And second of all, anyone sees the striking resemblence between this and...Rozen Maidens; they all have to fight and retrieve something from each other to get the ultimate prize?

And how the hell did the main character gets a cute (similar age) sister?! This just _doesn't_ exist in real life;Neither does the yuri relationship, unforturnately.

Is that guy a reincarnation of Carroll or what?! Writing fan fictions for Alice; this just boggles my mind.

Also does the main female character appears a bit...evil, when she takes the pages (and their memories I presume) from the other girls? Of course, I won't say anything about her questionable tactic of subducing the dude and turning him into her servant (I am willing!! *wave flags* ) .

And of course, no mahou shoujo show is complete without body transformation, in full nudity.

On the topic about the mangaka- if you look at the first and last book of Steel Angel Kurumi manga, you will be forgiven to think that they were drawn by different people. The changes in terms of drawing style is enormous (for the better, as you can see from newest series).

mangatron 2006-01-07 06:52


Originally Posted by Thelastguardian
And how the hell did the main character gets a cute (similar age) sister?! This just _doesn't_ exist in real life;Neither does the yuri relationship, unforturnately.

:heh: :heh:

I have a cousin who has 2 years younger twin sisters, and they are jail bait on sight :heh: And we're all old enough to, you know....:heh:! :heh: :heh:

I had a couple more friends in Germany that had cute sisters. One guy was born 5 minutes before his twin sister. I think, to my knowledge, that girl sorta liked me :heh:

Uhm, where were we? Oh ya, Kagihime...:heh:

Hey, not many a recent anime that have bunny ear girls, so, yeah, I'm liking this :heh:

Newprimus 2006-01-07 16:16

I hate you, mangatron! I hate you, your cousin, your friends, Germany, but most of all,

but I love you, and everyone.;) And your cousin. And your friends. But not Germany. Why? No idea. I like Germany.
And I still hate everything.

froinlaven 2006-01-09 18:42

Just finished writing up a review of the first episode with screencaps and OP/ED.

I feel this series is lacking something. The character designs are alright, but did anyone notice the giant noses in some scenes? The music is pretty weak too. I did like the whole key penetration stuff though. I can't seem to tell if that's enjoyable or not...

Tiamat's Disciple 2006-01-09 22:20

A new release this season. The first ep was pretty good, apart from the group doing it made a hash of both editing and typesetting.

Seems to be a twist to the alice in wonderland story, but with more than a few odd twists. The music is okay, not as good as other shows of late, but it has potential to be a good series. Hopefuly Nameless will fix the problems they have with the first release in the next ep, other wise i'll be droping this one.

Catgirls 2006-01-09 22:38


Originally Posted by froinlaven
Just finished writing up a review of the first episode with screencaps and OP/ED.

That's quite a nice review. Thanks for the link.

I thought the animation in the first episode was "fair". Frame rate was choppy in parts and semi-fluid in a few shots. Definitely a show that doesn't have much of a budget, but they do a decent job…especially on many of the close-ups (some flaws though…facial features a bit out of whack here and there). Colors were WAY over saturated (what the hell was up with that purple?)...and the hair styles look ghastly on the long shots (80’s hair bands).

The bunny ears a cute and it all seems like a good twist on Alice in Wonderland...though I must admit that I'm tired of this recent Japanese fascination with the word "Alice". It seems to be popping up more and more lately (Rozen Maiden for example).

I’ll keep watching it for the bunny ears.

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