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Inevidence 2005-12-18 22:26

I, too, have returned!
...and I started working on 3D modeling! ^^

Fourth model, first attempt at character creation:

Fifth mode, second attempt at character creation:


sarrah 2005-12-19 06:33

eh kawai des ne? but wana see features dude!!! is it still coming along or is that the final stage?

Inevidence 2005-12-19 08:10

Haha, noo, that's the -first- stage :)

sarrah 2005-12-19 08:20

oh then i definately cant wait!!!!

Inevidence 2005-12-19 15:02

I want to come to this level some day though.

WARNING: the image is 5MB+
Tifa in action

Kiva128 2005-12-19 15:53

3d modeling is not easy. I did it for a little bit but never could get the hang of it.
Since I have little experience in this field, I can't really critique your work, so I'll just say that if you really want to be good at this, then never give up. :)
Sounds corny but it's true.

BTW, advent children is a nice mark to aim for. They had some very nice CGI. Although it was a team effort. I doubt 1 man could even come close to that level of quality. But you never know.

Inevidence 2005-12-19 19:07

My bed turned gold! :D

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