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SladeX 2005-12-19 13:44

Bleach 3rd Intro PV released
New PV of Bleach's 3rd intro has been released.

Ichirin No Hana High and Mighty Color...

I like this as much as I did Pride for Seed Destiny. Fits great...

Sadness all those gundam ridiculous pics gone... oh wait wrong forum eh..

acidflower 2005-12-19 14:58

Yup. Its awesome. I love the way they did the pv. It was on a solid colour. Btw, was it me or do those tears look fake? And omg, the....2nd lead singer, he has a good voice. XD

Souzouryoku 2005-12-19 16:54

Hmm..well first of all what does PV mean? lol :p

Dark` 2005-12-19 16:57


Originally Posted by Souzouryoku
Hmm..well first of all what does PV mean? lol :p

IIRC, it means Promotional Video. It's similar to what most North Americans will refer to as a Music Video.

CorpMazral3 2005-12-19 17:42

any news on when the full version will be out?

Dark` 2005-12-19 19:03

The single will apparently be out January 11, 2006. I got this from the main page of Bleach Society's website.

Whisnant 2005-12-19 20:43

i have the song on my myspace if anyone wants to hear it.

Souzouryoku 2005-12-19 21:54

Just watched it. I must say, it was very good :D I like the full version way better than the short-anime version.

propa03 2005-12-19 23:54

where do you watch the pv? could someone message me the link?

FlyMoto 2005-12-20 00:34

can't find it anywhere...

ChickMagnet 2005-12-20 02:08

JpopSuki maybe?

Itachikun 2005-12-20 02:27

I dont know if Im allowed to put it up. But I know.
Mercedes-Benz R171 Specifications

~Impulse~ 2005-12-20 10:54

Well, if your not allowed to post the link then can u pm it? just wondering.. i hope i dont get banned for saying this.

Scarlet 2005-12-20 10:56

Here is the PV (music video)

link died......removed -_-

I don't know how to rip the audio off of it though.

Arakawa Takeshi 2005-12-20 11:09

Here's the video on youtube

there's a guitar and drum solo! O_O

If you want to just get the music:

propa03 2005-12-20 13:49

I kinda liked the short version better, except the guitar. That solo was great.

BlackDove 2005-12-20 15:40

Short version's good, but the full one isn't bad either.

It's really hard rock though, so you have to be into that type to like it. Makes Linkin Park sound like Carebears.

Dantat 2005-12-20 18:26

Omg, the lead singer didnt even sound like a girl

propa03 2005-12-20 18:44


Originally Posted by Dantat
Omg, the lead singer didnt even sound like a girl

likely because there are two lead singers, lol ;)

Ichimaru-Gin 2005-12-20 19:03

So, January 11 eh? I really liked J-pop.rock up until now. I can't even understand it! :(

I like only this song out of all the three intros, just because of the video, the music fits with it though.

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