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Green² 2005-12-19 14:30

Tide-Line Blue
Due to an recent error with the forum servers, this thread has been recreated for the discussion of the Tide-Line Blue animation series.

Through an cache copy, curtsy of Google, I can provide some of the earlier discussions of this series. Unfortunately however, all that can be provided is that of the first page of this discussion, that can be found within the following spoiler box.

Spoiler for Previous discussion Page 1:

ultrataro 2006-03-07 23:37

I know this show has been over for a while, but in a totally unrelated conversation, my friend told me about some new torpedos that are in development. I think German. It is not conventionally propelled, it's more like an underwater missle, doing wierd thing with cavitation & nose cone to steer & allow it to go super fast. He said he thought it was supersonic, so by the time you hear it on sonar, it's too late. Goes beyond what we saw in the show.

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