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hikaru_masha 2005-12-19 20:56

Wallpaper making - HELP!
Ok, i want to know a few things about making desktop wallpapers.

1. What program should i be using? im currently using photoshop
2. how do i make hat grid that alot of them have on it?
3. how do i make those cool textured, explosive, smokey, or 3d ribbon-like bgs?
4. any additional tips would be great.

Thanks :D

PS: I'm making aime wallpapers. Once im done maybe i'll post them

chison 2005-12-19 21:09

first tutor online (ps:photoshop's user love to make tutor~~i think)

software Recommendation.. can be very different depent on the forum user!!
i personally using Firework~~photoshop seem to be a bit complex???

wallpapers had a few totally different type~are you into "anime type ? manga type?" coloring!? changing bg??remove dot for scan img???
it can be taking only a few sec to make a wallpaper depend on your source img~can also taking a few mouth to make..

i think the fastest way to ask for help is post the target img~~!!!

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