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dkellis 2005-12-20 19:01

Seen a big, intrusive or explicit advert? Let us know!
Example (1024x768 screenshot)

This only came about around the time the forums went down (hence why I couldn't ask about it when it first occured). And I've read the sticky about the forum version of this, but I'm not sure if this is the same case.

Spybot and Ad-Aware come up with nothing, and virus scans are clean. And this really only happens on the one mirror.

I don't mind ads per se, just... not so big.

NightWish 2005-12-20 19:32

We'll have to wait for Mb81 to look into it. Until then I've stuck and renamed this thread. We can use it as an announcement point for any other undesirable adverts that people notice.

Note: If you need to report an advert, please make sure you provide a "screen shot" like dkellis did above. Thanks.

SleeplessHeart 2005-12-20 20:12

Another annoying big ad since two weeks ago.

Lilith 2005-12-20 20:46

Ah, yes dkellis ! I get the same ad and I really hate it. It doesn't even have an X to close it. >_<

But yeah, it's not somehing biggie... ^^

dkellis 2005-12-20 21:02


Originally Posted by Lilith
Ah, yes dkellis ! I get the same ad and I really hate it. It doesn't even have an X to close it. >_<

But yeah, it's not somehing biggie... ^^

I should mention (for the sake of fairness) that there was an X to close that one; it was just hidden under the "Firefox has blocked this popup, or at least tried to" info bar. That, and the Ad of Largeness was just a bit too large, leading to half of that X being "offscreen"...

Thanks for the sticky. Hopefully this gets resolved sometime; it's not a huge sitebreaking problem, but it is irritating.

Midnyt 2005-12-20 21:58

I've had both of the above screenshots pop up when using Firefox.

[plug]However, when I just loaded up in Opera, not once did the huge pop up get through.[/plug]

But, really those are the only two obstructing ones that I have seen, so here's hoping that this gets resolved quickly...

koitenshi 2005-12-22 07:43

Pop-over ads blocking screen crashing browsers

You are now getting pop-over ads that pop up on top of the main page and move along with your scrolling, making it impossible to select anything. And once you move your cursor over the ads, the Javascript behind the popover ad goes into an infinite loop, causing the browser to crash.

Please see what you can do to eliminiate popover ads.


GHDpro 2005-12-22 08:17

I've forwarded this problem to Mb81, who is in charge of the ads on the site.

In the mean while you can still access the site without problems from a mirror:

chris 2005-12-22 12:29

yah, the first ad im having problems with as firefox shows it as nothing to me in linux, no way to close it or anything, for the most part tho all of the ad's that are flash based suck i had to manually enter the forum url and as this isnt that big of a deal, the ad cuts off most of the site navagation.

SleeplessHeart 2005-12-30 06:40

erotic ad on

A feedback to animesuki, there are some ads featuring an erotic pose like this:

I just want to avoid animesuki to be listed in the banned website list for companies.

Green² 2006-01-01 22:03

xris 2006-01-02 04:55


Originally Posted by Green²

I still get this ebay advert as well.

Hellychan 2006-01-02 10:04

Yeah I also get this ebay ad.

dkellis 2006-01-04 14:52

It's like a bizarre censor bar. (1024x768 screenshot)

A variation on the same theme of strange popup ads, but not as big as before. Still, with my resolution at least, rather inconveniently-placed.

InitialGT 2006-01-05 01:45

you guys probably have spyware on your comps...i never get those ads

except those erotic poses as someone said above

i can't tell which are real or just spyware

remove all ads please?

1337_493n7 2006-01-05 11:09

i saw an ebay one yesterday, but i didn't get a screenshot of it.. sorry

Thyrz 2006-01-05 11:58

Ive seen all the ads posted here, all at

Green² 2006-01-06 20:22

Saved page (Compressed with 7-zip):

wao 2006-01-13 06:10

I get this annoying one that

A. blocks the banner

B. opens down if you accidentally move your mouse over it, and therefore blocking a lot of important things (homepage, User CP, etc.)

C. is not closeable

D. renders the area under the banner somewhat unusable - even if unopened. I can't seem to click User CP or that sort of stuff even if the banner is still there.

This is what it looks like, opened. Note how it doesn't take up the usual banner space

Pellissier 2006-01-13 06:11

I don't know if it's just me, but this morning (european time zone) , I got one of the ads (smaller than the ones we were used to) by loading AS forum... it popped out from the top left corner, and needless to say, yes it's very intrusive.
Just wanted to state it.

edit: oh, anticipated by a minute.. well, so the problem is the same.

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