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darkchibi07 2005-12-21 00:55

An "unofficial" Fate/stay night trailer!
Video info here.

I did have this idea for a few weeks, but the audio I was working on before wasn't going the way I wanted. Luckily, I thought of this combo of songs a few days back, and everything seemed to fell in place easily.

If I get you at least interested in the upcoming Fate/stay night TV series, then I did my job. Of course, this site already made the necessary anticipation for the series thanks to some of the PC game users here. Nonetheless, enjoy! :D

blitz1/2 2005-12-24 08:50

This is good!

Sakuya 2005-12-24 22:15

Very nice work! The music fit the mood in the beginning perfectly. :) Are both pieces of music from the Petit Cossette OST?

darkchibi07 2005-12-25 21:30

Hehehe, thanks for checking it out. And yes, the music is from the Petite Cossette OST. :p

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