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Oibara 2005-12-21 10:33

AnimeU Stealing Fansubs [Message Log]

Well, it looks like those famous for their fansubs of Shuffle! are stealing raws and scripts from other groups' FTP servers and deleting them after they've obtained them. Here's an excerpt.

@Sophia> Hey, Shrimpy...I have an idea.
<@Sophia> After you're done downloading everything...
<@Sophia> DELETE all the files from Aquastar's FTP. ^^v

Disgusting groups like this must be stopped. I suggest that they are taken off of animesuki's group listing.

mone-chan 2005-12-21 10:42

It could just be something an upset former member made up or a joke someone took literally. We should have more proof before making a jugement like that.

KaneDragon 2005-12-21 10:43

Except that site is apparently complete bullshit from an ex-ed member. Or something. I've been floating the animeu IRC channel and I still don't know what the heck has been going on...

<Erkka-Chan> That site is not in anyway related to us anymore.
<Sophia> An IRCop who proposes to hack the FTP....
<Sophia> Interesting.
<Sophia> KNKF is on a "crusade" against us because they think the only way they can get the upper hand in Shuffle! is to do something of the sort.
<Sophia> I couldn't care less. In that case, they shouldn't be fansubbers.
<Sophia> They should be lobbyists.
<KaneDragon> Wait, so where does KNKF come in in this?
<Sophia> Exactly. I don't know why they are. It's not logical.
* KaneDragon is still confused. =/
<KaneDragon> But they *are* on a crusade...?
<Sophia> <Power2All> Hi, im frien of ijuki
<Sophia> <Power2All> You should be happy that you wont get ddosed to hell
<Sophia> <Power2All> And thats not a threat btw :)
<Sophia> <Sophia> Coming from an IRCop?
<Sophia> <Sophia> So, this is the conduct of IRCops?
<Sophia> <Power2All> This is just a fact
<Sophia> <Sophia> I'll make sure your fellow IRCops know this.
<Sophia> <Power2All> You guys are making people mad therefor
<Sophia> <Power2All> attacking rizon
<Sophia> <Sophia> Look, Mr. IRCop. The fact of the matter is, I'm not afraid of you.
<Sophia> <Sophia> Secondly, your grounds are pointless.
<Sophia> <Sophia> Lastly, this is conduct unbecoming of an IRCop.
<Sophia> <Sophia> I plan to speak with several other IRCops regarding your behavior.

Oibara 2005-12-21 10:44

They claimed that they were in no-way affiliated with it in the IRC room, so I doubt it was a friendly joke.

edit :

<Juorand> ??
<Juorand> If that's for real, wow. My judgements were correct.
<Erkka-Chan> That site is not in anyway related to us anymore.

After that I got kicked.

Oibara 2005-12-21 10:46

Also, that's an incredibly long joke. Who would write all of that?

NightWish 2005-12-21 10:47

If true it is sad and we don't condone such things. Unfortunately anyone can type stuff into a forum post or put pages up on the Internet, it doesn't necessarily mean what they say is true.

I would prefer it if complaints such as these were not spread across our forum. If a group has a serious issue with another group, they should work it out between them. If the issue is inside the group, it is a matter for them alone and not our forum. If theft of work is involved and they want us to remove stolen subs, they should contact us in private with some proof.

Power2All 2005-12-21 19:59

Small answer on the thread of AnimeU

Im not here to Bash, just to clearify things.

All the stuff that has been posted about AnimeU are scarely true.
The fact about me and Sophie is that a lot got cut in order to make me feel bad, they failed.
About the deletion of all the files, is true.
Since the owner of the FTP is one of the main people of the Fansubbing team I'm in was working on the FTP itself and me too sawing the same time everything deleted and got messed up.

Again, I'm here to clearify that I won't tollerate false accusations including my NICKNAME in the posts.
Please delete these insults mod.

I am a very dedicated animefan and I dislike these actions including DDoS as was said by me, which was not coming thru to Sophie as I tried to explain that she allmost made the wrong people mad which I know for a fact, that they are not so willing to talk like me...

Again, please remove the topics if possible, I'm not going to go into this issue in here since It's absurd to find someone posting crap around, thanks.


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