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1.0.7. 2005-12-23 10:08

[manga] stories you're excited to be revealed in bleach (spoilers galore)
i don't know actually if a warning for spoilers is still applicable to anime-only viewers, since the revelation with aizen and such and such.
we're now up to 200+ chapters in the manga..and while some questions have been answered, even more questions have arisen.
a similiar thread existed before the crash we had, but i don't want to add a poll here, and i don't think a poll will contribute anything of significance to the discussion
here are a couple of things i'm really excited about:
Spoiler for just in case:

amongst other things of course, and i sincerely hope that these things will be answered adequately before bleach finishes (which i don't think is anytime soon) what are you excited about?

Ichimaru 2005-12-23 13:12

Im more concerned with Ishidas father, all of a sudden he appears.....who knows he must have sumthing todo with the current situation.

Souzouryoku 2005-12-23 13:16

Isshin/Urahara's how they got to know eachother, why Isshin is stuck on Earth, etc. etc.

Definitely Gin's true intentions

Also..this isn't extremely important, and I doubt it is anything special, but I would really like to find out about Ukitake's illness. I hope it comes up some day.

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