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Nesty 2005-12-23 21:58

Zeta Gundam discussion
Hi all, i've only had the opportunity to watch the zeta series in a VERY disjointed fashion (aka random eps)

those of you who have watched it in it's entirity please give the ups and downs of it. i'm even considering getting the dvd as well, being a big gundam fan and all

RX-78GP04G Gerbera 2005-12-24 03:51


Realistic (in terms of characters, emotions, cause-and-effects of war and so on)

Doesn't lose "links" it has with the previous series

Retains good characters

Doesn't lose of the main character

"Minor" Characters play bigger roles and get more screentime

Able to relate to various characters

Newer Mobile Suits that keep a "connection" to previous mobile suits (like a Hizack to a Zaku)


Lots of deaths to the good characters x_x;;

Weaker Animation (at least if you started with stuff like Gundam Wing and SEED. Though, that's just for other's. I love the animation).

So...I think it's a very good series overall, but that's just my own opinion. (It's a heck of a lot better than Gundam SEED Destiny though)

Nesty 2005-12-24 11:57

thanks for the info ^_^

edkwon 2005-12-24 14:20


Very realistic approach to war.

Great reversal of 'good guys/bad guys' ('good' Federation become the villians while rebels AEUG are the good guys)

Great original Mobile Suit designs, esp from the Titans batch, and Zeta still ranks as one of the coolest and original gundam designs ever.

Large cast of characters.

Intriguing plots, shifting alliances, lots of political intrigue

Great 'take no prisoners' climactic ending. Ending on a not neccessarily happy note.


Story can plod and drag at times, and sometimes gets plain confusing.

Main characters is overly angsty, annoying and not charismatic or interesting. Just has a big chip on his shoulder.

Ok soundtrack, but nothing great.

Animation was great at the time, but can be a little dated now (remember the show IS 20 years old!)


quattro ninja 2005-12-24 14:28

Considering the age of the animation Zeta's rocks. Dated animation is no reason to discount a series. Zeta Rocks, plain and simlple, buy the DVDs but get the boxset if you can find it, it has a bunch of cool stuff ands will save you money.

Nesty 2005-12-24 17:17

thanks for the feedback!

don't worry, the quality of the animation for me was already taken into account.

WhereAmI 2006-05-02 10:06

Zeta Question
I don't remember seeing this happen in MSG or any of the U.C. OVAs, only in Zeta (note: I haven't seen Couterstrike or ZZ, YET):

I noticed that Gundams and/or MS pilots could somehow talk to each other (whether they were on the same side, or enemies), by simply touching the other persons MS. It didn't appear to be a type of "newtype communication," because they would start talking (not just in their minds). I don't really understand why that is, can someone explain.

Huhtis 2006-05-02 10:29

Its something called Contact link-communication and it can be seen in other series too

From Gundamofficial:

Originally Posted by Gundamofficial
An alternative means of short-range voice communication. When mobile suits come into direct physical contact with each other, or with other vehicles, sound can be transmitted between them via vibrations in their outer armor. A mobile suit can reach out with its manipulator to establish the link, and these sound vibrations can also be relayed through wires, including the wire-guns used by human workers. Unlike radio communications, conversations transmitted in this way are almost impossible to intercept.

Strike Mk.II 2006-05-02 10:29

Edit: Sorry, already answered. Im too slow at posting nowadays

WhereAmI 2006-05-02 10:33


Originally Posted by Huhtis
Its something called Contact link-communication and it can be seen in other series too

From Gundamofficial:

Thanks for the help. Now I can focus on the meaning of life :D

Sety 2006-05-02 11:03

I believe the best example of it is in F91 where they actually used proper contact lines for communication.

j_wong00 2006-05-02 16:50


Originally Posted by Sety
I believe the best example of it is in F91 where they actually used proper contact lines for communication.

I consider that as a high-tech version of the old string and papercup "walkie-talkies" (boy do I feel old :eyebrow:).

The line is very much like the contact communications, only instead of direct touching between suits/suits/ship, you use a wire.

Sety 2006-05-02 18:09

Yes I believe that is the basic concept behind it......I personally think it was kinda a cool idea since you're supposed to maintain radio silence anyway ._.

Terra-Time 2006-06-16 08:21

There's new movies out soon. >_> Don't watch them, pure evil.

The whole "Lets make Zeta happy" --No, lets not.

Zeta was great because when written Tomino was in one of his depressions. Despression often leads to some of the greatest stories. Eg. Evangelion...

Granted a lot of people die, but that just gives us the correct perspective on war.

Tomino hates this series, along with V Gundam, because they're "dark" stories..It's often why Z doesn't appeal to some. For me, that's exactly what I like about it.

I got the zeta collection box, a while back. Well worth the money.

lighthand 2006-06-16 10:43

To me it has to be one of the best (if not the best) in the series. DVD box set well worth the money.

idofgrahf 2006-06-18 01:51


great portayal of human reaction to war.

Direct sequal to MSG, Char, Amuro, even Sayla are there

Animation was good during its time.

realistic, the gundam are not over powered like ZZ was

Great character development.

Plot makes sense, and moves at a decent speed.

Lots of character deaths, some say its a down but it is war and sub-main characters should not be except from death.

If you like this watch Victory Gundam, its alittle different but the atompshere of the two shows are similar.


Kamille to me was a little annoying. The guy punched a military officer just because he made fun of his name, come on thats a really good reason to get jailed.

some character only make cameo appearance.

Does not give much info on what happened to some MSG characters during the 7 year gap.

tritoch 2006-06-18 03:34


You should get.


Oh man, burn for all eternity if you don't


just kidding.

Last_Hope 2006-06-18 05:57

I think a big down about Zeta is the randomness of things in it. Fights often just happen and then ends in the exactly same manner. And the same thing with the relationships (love and allegiances) in the story. It´s too random for me.

I think Kira and Fllay´s relationship is really well written in comparison.

An upside is, as many has written, that the show feels realistic. I, of course, has no experience of war or poverty. It just feels realistic compared to what knowledge I have about war from watching and reading historic documents.

Another upside is the mechas. I like most of the designs.

And finally. Even though I don´t like how things just happen randomly it lets the show get pretty intense despite a slow tempo for the story itself. Zeta never got boring.

monster 2006-06-18 06:30

In my opinion,
UP: story (main plot), mechas, integration of old and new characters.

DOWN: characters' (re)actions, integration of comedic/romantic attempts in a largely subdued (I'm not sure if thats the right word for it) atmosphere (subplots).

Gundam Pilot 2006-08-18 13:43

Zeta Gundam
Has anyone seen "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam"!?
This product came out in Dec. of 2004! I just got this last month as my high school graduation present and it's awesome! It has all 50 episodes! Comes with a free poster and 9 mobile suit figure sharpeners! "Zeta Gundam" has a lot of great action! It explains the important parts from the "One Year War" saga! It continues after "Gundam 0083" I just wish Cartoon Network's Toonami block will not only air this show but to air more Gundam shows!

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