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sangofe 2005-12-25 05:58

I'm so delighted to see Triad picked up this anime,
ever since I heard that this anime was about Mahjong, and especially sine no other group have started to sub it.
Going to check episode 1 now, so I'll leave my comments after having watched it ;)

Just watched it, quite exiting, even though, it will take some time to be used to the, what I think is, awful drawing style, plus,
you'd better read the mahjong rules at triad's site before watching the show.

SlugZilla 2005-12-25 06:53

That's good news, more people need to know about this wonderful anime. I'm gonna check out the fansub as well. :D

dreamless 2005-12-25 10:35

this is great news. Definitely the best anime of the current season for me :cool:

Akagi is at least as much of a MONSTER as Johan! :cool:

Trax 2005-12-25 14:12

What's this about?

Ilpalazzo-sama 2005-12-25 18:25

Interesting, all I can say is interesting. Normally, i don't like sport anime, but this one is somehow different. The, it does not suck neccessarily, it is more like different, very different, quite unique. We'll see it after a few episodes.

orion 2005-12-25 18:34

Do you need to know about Mahjong to understand this title?

Griffith 2005-12-25 18:39


Originally Posted by orion
Do you need to know about Mahjong to understand this title?

I didn't know anything about Mahjong prior to watching it and I enjoyed it. I'm a fan of Triad's releases so I decided to check it out, and i think it has promise, though I can definetly see how some people would hate the art.

Maceart 2005-12-25 20:51

The artstyle irks me, but since I've played Mahjong before I like the tension in this anime. Akagi's only 13? Bullcrap... he looks to be at least a high schooler...

And that hand in the anime.. is truely impossible to get in real game terms.

poseur 2005-12-25 21:05

actually its possible....with luck with luck

dreamless 2005-12-26 00:32

Akagi has the devil's luck and deviousness :cool:

Mertz 2005-12-26 21:08

Does anyone know where to get a hold of the manga or if it has been subbed at all?

Srin Tuar 2005-12-26 21:20


Originally Posted by Maceart
The artstyle irks me, but since I've played Mahjong before I like the tension in this anime. Akagi's only 13? Bullcrap... he looks to be at least a high schooler...

Yeah- i dont really like the chara design of a 13 year old looking like a 25 year old
myself. 13 year olds are ungainly, osanai, and still have baby fat around the cheeks :P

That said, ill imagine in my mind he's at leas 18, and enjoy the show.

hi no ken Jebus 2005-12-26 21:52

I just finished watching episode one out of curiousity and like dreamless mentioned best anime of the new season written all over it. :bow: :bow: :love: Akagi. The art is different but after the OP was done I hardly noticed it. Speaking of which I have to find the OP and ED singles:heh: love the contrast. I know squat about mahjong so I stayed away from this show but after watching the first episode fansubbed this is a definite keeper.

Ichigo91 2005-12-27 15:06

This anime seems pretty nice, I dont know how to play Mahjong at all, but I really enjoyed this show very much, the art wasnt so bad either only their noses are very long 0_0

Tiberium Wolf 2005-12-28 04:00

Putting it simple... I dont like the art at all... not going to watch anymore.

orion 2005-12-28 14:21

I was strangely riveted to my seat during episode 1. I thought this was strange since I know absolutely squat about mahjong. :D

I loved this episode. Thanks dreamless for the recommendation! It's a keeper!

@Srin Tuar: If the 13 yo had a bad life (up all hours, does drugs, etc), it is possible to look older than his/her chronological age.

Zaorish 2005-12-28 15:38

Art style rocks
Akagi's art styl may not be beautiful, but all I can say is that it sure is a relief to see some kind of innovation in anime drawing styles.

Too often character designers' works can't be distinguished from each other. I know that really out-there character designs aren't totally appropriate for dramatic stories, with a simple game-based or fighting-based shonen anime I think those people should fight the peer pressure a little harder instead of just making characters with the exact same big eyes small mouth deal.

Then again, anime is Japanese.

the_devil2000 2005-12-29 05:11

After watching episode 1, this series looks promising I wish i had the chance to read the comic, well I could go the other way round like I did with suzuka.

I should have to wait for episode 2 to get a better idea on this series, the OP/ED has a big difference is style of music, but there is definately more feel to the opening for me.

dreamless 2005-12-29 10:30

the artstyle is not flashy, but very well-drawn and fitting. I'd say it shows the MONSTER-ness of Akagi very well, and portrays the emotions of the characters involved perfectly. If it uses some "beautified" style, it may attract more viewer at first glance but will most likely detract from the atmosphere and the theme of the show.

Owaranai Destiny 2005-12-29 10:48

Indeed. The artwork's nothing that the viewers nowadays would prefer, as some of them don't appreciate what some would call 'old-style' art, or just plain weird artwork, but I feel that it somehow suits the mood of the anime a little. Those scarily calm eyes of Akagi's seem to bring out his level-headedness.

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