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1.0.7. 2005-12-25 07:31

Vote for your favourite female Bleach character!!
i can't believe nobody's redone this yet.. so i guess i'll have the honour of doing this then :)
vote for your favourite female bleach character!
but it looks like i can only make ten options, so i'll have to leave a couple of characters out.. if your favourite female bleach character happen to be one of them, please vote for the option "others". thank you. :)
oh and this time, if you want to make a post..if you could include your favourite would be really swell

and if a marauder just happens to stop by and read the thread, and somewhere along the line read a post that made him/her vote for a character or just plainly appreciate the character, please acknowledge the post.

@ero-sannin, yeah..long story on that one :p
anyway, since we're limited to ten options..i had to omit some characters
notably kuukaku, captain retsu, yachiru and ururu..

EDIT by Hellychan: Well, I've added all the missing female characters I can think of :)

Ero-Sannin 2005-12-25 07:33

Don't you need a poll to make a poll ?

Novarain 2005-12-25 08:02

Voted "Other". Still prefer Shiba Kukkaku...

Kenpachi_19 2005-12-25 08:12

i vote for rukia..i think she is lovely...^_^

apu 2005-12-25 08:16

shihouin yoruichi is the best for two reasons beautiful and is a badass fighter. Who could ask for more:D

rukia82 2005-12-25 08:31

Yoruichi ^^

Apekatt 2005-12-25 09:22


Originally Posted by Flavia_posy
Yoruichi ^^

'nuff said.:p

sarrah 2005-12-25 09:24

i love rukia...dont have a favourite pic but this is my own one!!!!!

Souzouryoku 2005-12-25 10:13

My favorite girl characters would have to be Shiba Kukkaku, Soi Fong, Yoruichi, and Rukia. Though, I voted for Yoruichi.

KanaKaishou 2005-12-25 10:23

Youruichi, FTW!!!

Teh hawt kitty kat, 'nuff said.

1.0.7. 2005-12-25 10:23


Originally Posted by sarrah
i love rukia...dont have a favourite pic but this is my own one!!!!!

much better!!!
you made that yourself? just a suggestion though, try adding another colour for her'll stand out more.

Desti-Fate 2005-12-25 11:06

Momo's third, which is an improvement for the poor girl. Perhaps if she wore less clothes, she'd do better. ;)

Daniel E. 2005-12-25 14:07


Originally Posted by Desti-Fate
Momo's third, which is an improvement for the poor girl. Perhaps if she wore less clothes, she'd do better. ;)

She actually started out as first on the old poll. But then Yoruichi took off her clothes in an episode and that was the end of it. :heh: :heh:

CorpMazral3 2005-12-25 14:44

I voted for Yoruichi...Though i like Rukia too. By the looks of the poll it seems as if those two are going to be battling it out for number 1. Most likely, Rukia will stay in second..Yoruichi is just too damn attractive :p

Hidden Heart 2005-12-25 14:48

The onlt thing turning people away from Yourichi is the cat thing, still number 1 in my book
Soi Fung is a close second though...

npal 2005-12-25 14:53

Devoted Rukia fan, even if the sky comes down, I'll still vote for her :)
And Orihime would be my second choice :D (although she's got no votes :sad: maybe I should have voted her after all :sad:)

Arti 2005-12-25 16:42

Damn, I'm the only one who voted for Rangiku? :(

Illuyankas 2005-12-25 16:51

Nope, me too. There's something about a cleavage that can kill a man before he can scream... :D

Last_Hope 2005-12-25 17:15

Man, I canīt decide. I like them all. :naughty:

monir 2005-12-25 17:23

BOOOO.. This poll is faulty. There is no Ururu in it. The option for "others" doesn't suffice with Ururu's votes.

NoSanninWa-san needs to step in.

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