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krel 2003-11-05 13:14

can anyone recommend me any good pair of speakers?

i'm thinking of getting this one, is it worth buying?

Amok 2003-11-05 13:46

Although I cant really comment on the 621's, as I havent heard them myself, for quality PC speakers you really cant go wrong with Altec Lansing.

I've had my ATP5 for a little over two years now, and they still pump out perfect sound (coupled with a really nice sound card that is).

Rama 2003-11-05 14:30

You could also use your home hi-fi system. It's cheaper and sounds better than pc-speakers :)

PiGGiEE 2003-11-05 17:33

I have the 621's. Looks great and sounds great. The sub works really good too. I haven't had any problems with it. Overall... I think they are pretty good speakers.

Just remember to get a decent sound card with it... can't have great sound coming out of it with a crappy $2 sound card.

krel 2003-11-06 00:25

i don't think i can use my home hi-fi speakers though.

thanks guys.

Esperchld 2003-11-06 00:47

Almost anything by Altec should be plenty fine for use with a computer. I can't really say I have had any problems in the past with them as computer speakers (granted I wouldn't think of hooking them into my stereo.

You don't exactly need Gershman or Axiom on a computer. Unless, of course, you actually have a high end sound card and programs to make proper use of it. However, those are not exactly something that you see in most peoples computers.

ZGMF-10A 2003-11-06 00:47

are those better then the 7.1 ?? i was planning to get those..... whats the price for the 621 ??

krel 2003-11-06 05:29

not sure...i can get it for 115 US$, but is selling for 149 US$.

Tboz 2003-11-06 06:43


Originally Posted by ZGMF-10A
are those better then the 7.1 ?? i was planning to get those..... whats the price for the 621 ??

Erm... 612 is a 2.1 setup, two satelites and a subwoofer. So you can't really make any comparison this way. 2.1 is good for general use, 5.1 and above are best for movies. Generally, price is a good indication of quality sound. So if you are talking about that, a 2.1 setup will most likely sound better if both are at the same price.

621 is altec lansing's best offering for 2.1 setup from right now. Good bass IMO... ;)

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