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DrunkenRyder 2005-12-26 17:01

Post Bleach AMVs and other videos here
One of my AMV's I finally decided to post it on, check it out tell me what ya think :D

It Features Episodes 60 - 62
I also used the song "Petrified" by the group Fort Minor (Mike Shinoda from Linkin Parks, Side Project)

I used some lip synch, and just alot of advanced synching with the music and video all together.

NoSanninWa 2005-12-26 17:57

If someone wants to post their Bleach AMVs here (or post someone else's Bleach AMV here), it would be nice if you actually bothered to say something about it. That way people would be able to decide if they give a darn about it. There are a lot of AMVs out there.

What makes this AMV special?
What music did you use?
What was in your mind when you made it?
Which part of the show did you choose your video from?
Is it a fight mix?
Does it focus on a particular character?

Anything you might tell us about this AMV increases the chance that someone will might want to take the time to download and watch it.

Rachy 2005-12-27 12:30

its not my amv but its about my fav pairings , so i like it ^_^

Ichigo - Rukia
Hitsugaya - Hinamori

Ronin X3 2006-01-10 04:52

Looking for Bleach AMV's
I have been looking for Music videos that have scenes from bleach in them for awhile. i stubbled across a site that had them but i guess ( or i'm an idiot) that you had to pay for downloading them.. Anyone know of any good quality bleach AMV's that i could download?? I just started watching this series and i'm hooked.. I was a die hard Naruto fan, but man bleach has just taken me by surprise.. Thanks in Advance..

Rachy 2006-01-10 04:57

i think theres already a bleach amv thread but - tats my fav one of hitsugaya and hinamori .. theres spoilers if you havent watched all the episodes.

not a bad Urahara x Ichigo one either

mtarzaim 2006-01-13 08:40

You can also use to find your daily bleach amvs ! :D

Here is mine :

The subjects (victims ?) of my work : Yachiru + Toshiro + Matsumoto + Nanao + Renji ! !

Hope you will like it !

Mr. DJ 2006-01-13 08:55


Originally Posted by uchiha rave

its not my amv but its about my fav pairings , so i like it ^_^

Ichigo - Rukia
Hitsugaya - Hinamori

that was a pretty decent vid, the crappy font sorta ruined it for me -_-

your vid was pretty good too mtar, though there were some bad editing in certain scenes...still nice ;D

Friendless 2006-01-14 23:46

Wish people would use RAWS without subtitles on most videos...

finalheaven 2006-01-15 16:45

Yay! a Bleach AMV thread! *calms down* I haven't completed any AMVs of my own but I have found some lovely ones instead!

There doesn't seem to be as many Bleach AMVs available as there should be for such a popular show... however I have three suggestions for good Bleach AMVs:

The best Bleach AMV that I have seen is Raging Soul by Decoy Ops, using the song 'Headstrong' by Trapt:
To say that is is a good Bleach AMV is a bit unfair, it is an excellent AMV in general; the video is perfect with no flaws/subs the images are well sync'd with the music. There are more details of the AMV written by the creator if you click the link, but it is basically a fast paced action video.

The second best Bleach AMV I have seen is Ageku by Rurounikeitaro, using the song 'Finally' by Trust Company:
There are more details of the AMV written by the creator if you click the link. This is more of a character profile of Ichigo and another with very good picture quality, pacing and use of imagery.

There isn't anything negative I can really say about these videos...

For all those Captain fans there is You Should Be Scared of the Captains by SchizophrenicPhilosopher using the song 'Scared' by Three Days Grace:
This is a fun video focusing on Ichigo getting... owned :D and the Captains being badass (as usual.) The audio is a bit quiet and the picture quality is lower than the two previously mentioned (so 4 star instead of 5 :p ) but these are really my only complaints. Again, there are more details of the AMV written by the creator if you click the link.

And if the length of this post wasn't already enough to prove I have too much spare time, there is also Now Listening:
Which contains a significant amount of Bleach clips...

And there is a two second clip of Ichigo in Jihaku by Tyler_yj:
See if you can spot it among the 116 other series featured. ;)

Note: To download the videos from you need to be a member, membership is free though. (Just though i'd warn ya! :heh: )

YŻyake 2006-01-16 19:44

I do like this one, with Ichigo-Rukia and hitsugaya and hinamori Its a pretty nice one i find..

Flame-X 2006-05-24 17:53

Bleach AMV - CHANCE!

Bleach Alternate OP4

Those are the ones I made quite a while ago. Hav fun~ Hohohoho~ ;)


Petbe 2006-05-24 22:55

I am curious, I got quicktime pro a while ago and wondering if anyone knows the format that is needed to sue that for editing. I use to make dbz ones many years ago and now I want to start again. I did try .mkv and no good. Oh well.

Flame-X 2006-08-18 11:55
My latest work.
Character profile: Byaka
Music: Dir en grey - Yokan

I used raw source for the footages. ^^

Gundam Pilot 2006-08-18 14:08

I think it's cool!
I never seen any Bleach AMV's but If I see them I'm sure they're good!

zajhein 2006-12-05 11:15

A Funny Little Video
When i first saw this i was just going "wtf?!?" through the first half and then I realized where it was from.

Hope you enjoy it :D
And for anyone who doesn't think this is bleach related just watch it first.

Areguzanda 2006-12-05 14:12
here is the original.
there is even a counter of how long you have been spinning :D
(this is repeating don't expect an ending ^^ )

Spin that onion Inoue, Spin that onion!! :D

falconco 2006-12-05 17:42

I am hurt noone would make one about Zaraki :mad:

with like "Bodies hit the floor" or "ready to die" as the song, so perfect

Master Mold 2006-12-05 19:07

Not mine but there cool

this ones OK

this one cool

Flashdance 2006-12-24 07:12

Here is mine # Zaraki Kenpachi - Taste The Blood

It covers the fight Zaraki vs Ichigo and some other scenes.
It is a bit like a character profile also most of the video is fighting.
I made it because i like the 11th captain the best. :D
The song I used is "Taste the Blood" by "Shawn McPherson".
Format is AVI with Divix5 encoding (might also work with Divix4) and a 618kbs bitrate
The resolution is 640 x 480 @ 24 fps.
The duration is 323 seconds or 5 mins and 23 secs.
The filesize is about 78 MB

For further information click the link.

kagato3 2006-12-24 11:37

one of the funniest AMV's I have found
Bleach Karaoke Night

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