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Moon Eclipse 2005-12-29 14:38

Help! Is there anime after Shuffe!?
I need help finding a replacement for shuffle after it ends T_T. With only one eps to go I'm starting to feel withdrawal symptoms

Crimen Scythe 2005-12-29 14:41

uhhh...ok....have u seen Bleach, AIR, Mai Otome, KGNE,etc?

Ikusa_shounen 2005-12-29 14:46

gomene demo there is no more anime continue to shuffle
there is one thing tho

Tick Tack is a kind o sequel to Shuffle but has W|-|4t50v3r no connection to the story and its a H-game not an anime do gomene:(

Moon Eclipse 2005-12-29 14:47


Originally Posted by Crimen Scythe
uhhh...ok....have u seen Bleach, AIR, Mai Otome, KGNE,etc?

Watching Bleach, have all of AIR, didn't like Mai Otome (I'm sorry, just... My Hime ruined it for me. The potential was there, the ending kinda killed it)

I was looking more for the relationship type anime. I was hoping they were going to do another Onegia series after twins, But not luck as of yet

Crimen Scythe 2005-12-29 14:48

so u want a sequel to Shuffle! or another anime to watch?

Crimen Scythe 2005-12-29 14:49

i heard Onegai Friends is going to come out...not sure tho

Moon Eclipse 2005-12-29 14:50


Originally Posted by Crimen Scythe
i heard Onegai Friends is going to come out...not sure tho

:D just some other relationship anime to tide me over till Shuffle's sequel comes out ^^

Takeru 2005-12-29 14:51

I'm not much of a relationship anime kind of person, but I suggest FMA,FMP,Chobits,InuYasha (I'll stop while I'm ahead)

Crimen Scythe 2005-12-29 14:55

I suggest NGE, Ranma 1/2, Love Hina, Martian Successor Nadesico, Dokuro-chan, GoldenBoy...(that's enough for now)

Apekatt 2005-12-29 14:57

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is probably the best anime I've ever seen, and it's a bit like Shuffle. They are both based on a H-game, they both have focus on the relationsips between the characters, the main-character in both shows is detestable (IMO :p) and they both caused large arguments about who would should end up with the main guy.
If you haven't seen KGNE yet I recommend you to watch the two first episodes, you'll probably want to see more after that... ;)

Takeru 2005-12-29 15:00

Basically any anime based off of a H-game is going to be a "relationship anime"

Abbott 2005-12-29 15:11

Lamune, Da Capo, Da Capo SS, Canvas 2, Suzuka.

Circular Logic 2005-12-29 15:14

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, Air, Futakoi...

Those are relationship animes I believe... KgNE I recommend in particular.

Apekatt 2005-12-29 15:16


Originally Posted by Raiju32
Basically any anime based off of a H-game is going to be a "relationship anime"

Yeah, I know. I just wrote that "relationship"-part because I wanted to point out the few similarities of the shows.

And I guess I should warn the OP. KGNE might make you feel a bit angsty for a couple of days. Some of the episodes are pretty depressing (but in a good way ;) ).

Scribble 2005-12-29 15:22

Don't worry, not to incite flame or anything, but Shuffle isn't anything too unique that you can't find a series similar to it. If you're asking for a series similar to it, that is. If you're asking for an anime better than Shuffle, in my opinion there is PLENTY (I found Shuffle pretty generic). I know what you mean by feeling "empty" when a series you were following approached its end, I felt that way with FMA.

Similar series to Shuffle which may fill the Shuffle void:

Canvas 2: Canvas is pretty much generic, too, but like Shuffle, it has a few interesting characters which make it worth watching. It's currently being subbed. I like this better than Shuffle, but I like Shuffle's character designs WAY more.

Elfen Lied: Perhaps this is a far stretch, but if by any chance what you like about Shuffle is:

You'd definately like this, it's like *that* episode of Shuffle, but instead, every episode of Elfen Lied is much, much more bloody and extreme.

AIR: Well, this shouldn't be really compared to Shuffle. But it really is a masterpiece in every aspect, and if you liked the multiple girls + comedy aspect of Shuffle, then you may like this. Except it's more heavy on the drama, and it isn't really romance.

Futakoi (first): I don't even know why I am recommending this, but I found Futakoi really similar to the early episodes of Shuffle, except that Shuffle's characters are much more interesting. I hated it, but you may like it. No fanservice (I don't care for it anyway, but you may), generic characters, but the humour shares some similarities with Shuffle in my opinion.

Abbott 2005-12-29 15:30

Futakoi really shot itself in the foot with the ending. I really wouldn't recommend that one. Futakoi Alternative is another story, but it's not exactly a romance show.

Scribble 2005-12-29 15:33


Originally Posted by Abbott
Futakoi really shot itself in the foot with the ending. I really wouldn't recommend that one.

You're right.
To the original poster, sorry if you consider this a spoiler, but there is no *proper* resolution to the love "pentagon" in the series.

Moon Eclipse 2005-12-29 16:14

Just wondering, are these more recent ones or before Shuffle? I know some of them I've heard in the past. But there's got to be more ongoing or just starting relationship series out there

Abbott 2005-12-29 16:22

Canvas 2 is ongoing. Lamune just finished in Japan, as did Suzuka, thought the final fansubs aren't out. Futakoi and Futakoi Alternative are 6 months to a year old, can't remember exactly. Da Capo is a few years old, Da Capo SS just finished in Japan. KGNE is old.

Other recent animes that could be said to have love stories in are Koi Koi 7, Love Love and possibly Karin. But the first two are pretty much fanservice based, and the third is mostly mixed genre.

Crimen Scythe 2005-12-29 16:45

Trinity Blood...

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